Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"It Takes Two" - Rob Base DJ E Z Rock

Everything is coming in two's over the last TWO days.
[where's all the 4's when you need them?!]

2 - # of sleep-overs Peanut has had in the last two nights.

2 - # in dozens of cookies that have been made.
2 - hours we spent planning our "luau" party yesterday.

2 - total number of food items [rice, pork]
2 - grass skirts purchased

2 - coconut bikini tops purchased
22 - minutes spent decorating
2 - pounds of pork butt we cooked to feed the four of us.  LUAU PORK. Holy. yum.

.2 - seconds after dinner was finished; it took for them to ask "Is it dessert time yet?"
2 - garbage bags needed for dessert
2 - scoops of ice cream

2 - happy girls building their creations

2 - confused looks when I said, "nope, no hands, no bowls, no spoons"

2 - seconds it took for them to totally welcome the idea.

2 - adorably messy faces

2 - times Pita said, "I can't believe you [clean freak] let them do that."

2 - shots Peanut got in her left arm yesterday.
2 - days until school starts
2 - dozen Healthy Bites I'll be receiving shortly [probably in two days] from this girl.
2 - night Pita IS "gone fishin' "
2 - days of [27 mile] pain free running.  LOVE my CEP brace.
20 - miles until I hit 2,000 miles for the year

Are things happening in two's for you?
or maybe four's [to make my day]?

Happy Two's-Day!!


Danielle C. said...

Soooo awesome, I miss being young just for those sleepovers. Enjoy them Peanut!!!

What kind of brace did you get from CEP?

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love our dessert idea! So fun!

My day is more like 4s.
4 - blueberry muffins I purchased
4 - as in am when I woke up to a thunderstorm pouring rain.
4 (1000) - times I thought about running outside anyway
4 - times I changes my clothes for the big girl job this morning
4 - people who text messaged me on personal issues so far while I'm at work

SupermomE13 said...

cutest girls!!! What a fun party. Love it!! Enjoy sixth grade... somewhere during/shortly after they seem to turn into teenagers and everything is different. Not worse (although definitely harder)... just no going back. Enjoy the "kid"ness while it lasts. :)

SO FREAKING AWESOME that you are running pain free!! Yay!!!! I can't wait for my brace to come. I feel good, then stress it out a little and get sore, then feel good. PT saw me this morning and thinks it is still doing really well and healing overall but said to be careful and not push it too much. It's hard!

I am so happy you are feeling good though. Yay x 4,444

Michelle said...

Now that looks like fun!

Hmmm two'?
2 days rest since Sunday's half
2 half marathons down
2 wks til my hubs' birthday and no idea what to get him - yikes!
2 hours to get the rest of my errands done before the kids are home from camp...better get going'!

Christi said...

I really want to eat dessert like that!

racing dawn said...

2 days left before school starts means time for 2 more parties!!!

Those two looked like they had a blast! So fun. Ummm where's the pic of you eating ice cream with no hands?!?

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love this post! Yay for running! I am so happy for you!

2 times I ate icecream yesterday.
10.2 miles I ran this morning
2 of my favorite kiddos I'll be hanging out with this afternoon.
2 hours until I get to leave work to hangout with them. :)

Happy 2's day!!!

Aimee said...

How fun and awesome!!
2 days till I get a new bike fit!
2 hours till I pick up my boys from summer camp!
2 weeks until it's only 3 months until IMAZ! Yikes!!

Emz said...

Danielle....it's the
RX ortho Achilles brace. :]

ShutUpandRun said...

Yours is officially the house everyone wants to come to for a sleepover. You are the cool mom. Can i come too?

A Prelude To... said...

20 miles until you hit 2000 for the year??? holy cow!

I love the icecream no hands idea. That's coming to our house soon! Thanks for it!

Emz said...

Suar. You are permanently invited. Here or Vegas. ;]

Lindsay said...

Love it! That looks like fun! I miss sleepovers...

For me?
2 phone interviews tomorrow about my life, running, and diabetes... Yikes. Not a great phone person, but hopefully I will be able to find the right words.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You are too creative!! What a fun way to celebrate with Peanut!! I can imagine her face when you said no utensils!

Super happy for your pain free running!

Heather-O said...

Sounds like a blast! Peanut is lucky to have such a fun loving mom!

Karine said...

Looks like so much fun. Was Chuy invited to the luau? What a fun way to celebrate the "last days" before school starts.

Unknown said...

You are a pretty darn awesome mom!

Rene' said...

what an awesome idea for a party...I love the ice cream part. and oh no back to school. we still have 3 more weeks at home.

Unknown said...

2 plus 2 equals 4!!!

Peanut it lucky to have 2 wonderful parents. And you are lucky to have 2 wonderful loves in your life.

Happy pain free running and healthy bite eating!!

Caroline said...

pain free!!!!! that is the best part of that post!!!

cute pics...I am a clean freak...I don't know if I have it in me to do this for my boys...maybe outside!!!!!
I know I know so not cool

Silly Girl Running said...

1. This make me want to have my own luau! So cool! :)

2. Painfree: yay!!! :)

3. 2,000 miles? Seriously? You, machine, you! :)

Jason said...

Love the no hands, spoons, forks idea.....how fun.

Are two or 4 months away from Vegas? Oh that's right 4......yee-haa!

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh wow! what a fun time! love it that you are pain free with running!!!!
love these numbers post btw as well!
hmmmm, i think i have things going on in even numbers...
2- weeks until school starts
2- kids (of 3) going to school now which means
2x as much school supplies to buy...
26-times my daughter says she doesnt want to start kindergaerten..
2- number of new teeth broke skin for baby M
4-number of new teeth trying to come in...
6-teeth already in place...
6-shots baby M is getting today
10-average amount the baby wakes up in the night
4-average hours of sleep this tired momma gets (on a GOOD night)
12- pansy miles got in this week
11-weeks until the next big pro show
30,000-amount of cash up for grabs for the winner....
such a random list,lol!
anyways hope you have a great rest of the week!
im sure you hae already hit that 2,000 mark-if not today then by tomorrow!
you rock!!!!

Char said...

Ha ha - love the dessert game. Reminds me of games we used to play way back when.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're running pain FREE! Yay!
Looks like Peanut is having a great time too, Yay x 2!