Sunday, October 11, 2009

11 year "retreat"

5 days

a l o n e

  • no [working] cell phones - blessing
  • no work
  • no emails
  • no dogs :)
  • no laundry
  • no bed making
  • no ironing
  • no lunch making
  • no dishes
  • no cleaning
  • no homework
  • no mail
  • no sweeping
  • no car pools
  • No garbage/recycling to take out
  • no volleyball, tennis or karate practice
  • no presidency meeting
  • no making breakfast
  • no post offices
  • no department stores
  • no working
  • no cleaning up after myself
  • no reason to wake up early
  • no alarm

Just fun, sun, laughs, reading & a lot of time with the Pita.

La Bufadora.

r e l a x i n g near Cabo.

w o n d e r f u l.

Thank you Happy, Auntie Ann, Nana & Papa for making this possible.

1 comment:

amyraye said...

aaahhh- so that's where you've been. i was starting to get concerned about you. :) isn't it the best to get away with just your spouse? we totally forget how much we NEED that time. glad you were able to get away. happy anniversary?