Thursday, October 1, 2009

my AZ kid

Peanut: Mom-your computer says it's 68 degrees outside!!
Mom: r e a l l y ? {go to look} Let's walk to school today.
P: ok & I'm going to go and put jeans on 68 is c o l d !
M: fine with me but it's going to heat up to 93.
P: under 100!?!?! Maybe I'll wear another layer [top]
M: ummmm - you'll be good with one.
[get Mase - open the front door]
P: this feels like heaven mom. can we do this everyday, from now on?
M: sounds good to me - deal.
P: mom do you have your phone?
M: yes [duhhh?! ;) ]
[she stops - tells Mase to "sit"]
P: Mom, take a photo, it's so cold - I think I can see my breath.

My poor Arizona child. Keep dreaming Peanut.

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amyraye said...

so weird to think she'll never know any different, either! it is still strange to me that my kids are "from washington"- even though i don't really have any ties here. and i never realized how miserably hot arizona was until i moved away and went back to visit. ridiculous. but i didn't know any different when i grew up there. i remember thinking it was FREEZING in the mornings, too. :)