Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How many sisters [& brother-in-laws]. .

. . . . would think to bring you and your family one of these:

[for Peanut to decorate {check} and enjoy {check} for 2 days - since we will be missing Halloween this year]
And way too much [who am I kidding ;) ] of this:

And a WHOLE one of these:

[Rhubarb pie]

because your Hubby's Nana passed away?


Thanks "Happy" & Dave for making us feel loved, cared for, adored, special & spoiled - - - you guys are wonderful.


jymmebe said...

You DO have an awesome family! Glad that they were there close to watch after you all in your loss. We will miss you all on Halloween, but know we will eat your share of spudnuts for you! :-) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

emily, i just spent WAY too much time catching up on your blog. it's so great to catch up. you're still wonderful:). so sorry to hear about your loss this week. hope all continues to be well with you guys. your little girl is beautiful and funny and as smart as a little whip;). keep up the good, no, great, work!