Friday, October 23, 2009


[first, must give credit where it is due - thanks Amy, loved this idea]

Is roughly:

  • how many loads of laundry I've done this week
  • how many minutes I waited on hold this morning to talk to Nation-wide insurance [they are certainly NOT "on my side"]
  • how many days it will take to fix my car
  • twice as many days as "the other guys" insurance company will pay for my rental car
  • how many miles I ran this morning
  • how many credit/debit cards are in my wallet
  • how many years - I most likely cut off my parents' lives by having to raise me
  • number of years that separate Ann & I
  • how many minutes it takes to walk from our house to Peanut's school
  • how many scorpions are now in my "scorpion jar-vase"
  • how many times Peanut told me she was super bummed she wasn't home in time to go see Ashley Tisdale [backstage] with Tiff last night.
  • how many serves Peanut got over the net at last Saturday's game [yes, I count as she gets a little reward for each]
  • how many more days the Pita has to get through before his assistant returns to work
  • how much I spent on breakfast this morning
  • how many minutes I can stand to watch rugby
  • how many spud nuts I plan on eating on Halloween - [plus any she may try to sneak - no spud nuts for you - you hater!] ;)
  • how many items I need to list today
  • X 3 - how many jeans I own - - completely aware I have a problem, and I'm fine with it
  • how many cards I received [seriously] from ward members from our talks [I'm quite sure my Mom handed out free stamps after sacrament meeting]
  • the number of times I wipe my phone off each day [again, completely aware, this is odd - no need to point it out] - h1N1 - enough said.
  • the number of years it took the Pita to become a US citizen. big shout out to the people in LA who shredded his paperwork & original marriage certificate - to make us have to start the whole tiring process over again.

  • the number of years [exactly] that the Pita has made me the happiest woman ever.

"Good times - more to come". I love this man.


Angie said...

Love this-fab idea. Congratulations.

The Eliason's said...

Just one question...Am I the hater? and PS...eating 11 spud nuts is like taking 11 dog years off your life. SO that will leave you pretty much DEAD!, just FYI. (see ya Sat. w/ the good stuff!)

Karine said...

Happy Anniversary Em and Mike!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

That was moving, touching, and jaw dropping at the same time. $11 on breakfast?! Did they feed it to you? I hope you fed your whole family with that breakfast. Happy Anniversary! See you at the party tomorrow night ;)

amyraye said...

is today your actual anniversary? happy day to you. and i kept meaning to ask how your talk went. sounds like it went great? also, thanks for initiating contact with mike; he e-mailed me yesterday. so sweet.

Emily said...

Happy anniversary!