Tuesday, October 13, 2009

columbus day 2009

It's under 90?!?
Pack your bags - - - we are going hiking!
* Saguaro Lake *

I was swiftly told by Peanut that these were: Stratocumulus clouds
[I have no friggin clue what that means] - I have placed a call to Joe Dana for support.

Peanut finds [really crappy] sea shells by the lake shore.
Peanut said "hurry while the tide is out". [Yes, this is one thing this AZ Mom does know] Lakes don't have in/out tides [yea, for me!] - - - MY Mom is SOOOOOOOOO proud right now.

However, she was right that the trail mix [Betty Crocker - "stickers"] are no longer called "stackers" - - why do I continue to bet this child?!

My "you lost so I get to take a photo of you losing" photo ---- I even tried to pay her off with a Jamba Juice [and tried to grab my phone as you can see - no make-up & in a ASU hat?! This photo will haunt me forever! Go WILDCATS!!]

58 minutes later . . . we had:
  • played "I'm thinking of something" 7 times / each
  • One thorn to report
  • Three band-aid requests?!
  • 8 stops for water - due to the sweet new camelbak - which caused . . . .
  • 3 "rain-stops" for nature
  • a seven minute rant as to why we should go on a Disney Cruise in 2011.
  • Examined 5 distinctly different poops on the trail.
  • one request for a piggy back ride - ha! a n d
  • one request than we name our next off-spring Molly

We all felt very at peace - so we did this - then headed 2.5 miles back to the 120 degree car.

Side Note: Had to snap this random photo - this is where/when she said, "can we do the Grand Canyon this Saturday?" Madeline would be so proud.

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