Thursday, October 29, 2009

houston we have a problem

This isn't looking so good.

And she thought she had a problem.

I haven't even gotten to my destination yet.

And yes, the animal print shoes - - they MUST go with me - not negotiable.


Lucy said...

love the shoes. they should absolutely go. i'm really bitter about these new traveling regulations {3 oz liquids, paying for checked luggage}. good luck. and have the greatest time.

amyraye said...

you still haven't left yet?
hey- how come brooke commented on your blog today, but not mine?

Anonymous said...

hope you are having a blast! I didn't check in in time to say a little prayer for your travels there so i'll throw one up for your travels home:) (unless you are already home). have a wonderful time and be safe!

Anonymous said...

p.s. if you ever can't fit those shoes in your bag, i will sacrifice and babysit them for you. you know, just to make sure they stay safe while you are gone. :)