Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CHURCH b-ball anyone?

Church basketball started up 2 weeks ago for our ward.
"LDS basketball" - sorry, there is nothing churchy or inspiring about it.
Seriously, grown men - whining more than Carl Malone [ever did-yes, Dad, I swear {sorry - promise it} it].
Arguing with referees more than Kobe.
And as much of a role model for their children sitting on the stage as Charles Barkley.
*I saw this out my window, when stopped at a stop sign out in Tempe - I [just maybe] would have taken it to post in the cultural hall if it said "wall" in place of "fence".*

Am I the only wife who enjoys her husband's WORK team WAY more than his church team?!


The Eliason's said...

I SOOOO HATE, with a PASSION, Church B-Ball! There is NO worse sport! I forbid my children to attend, and do not attend myself. I do not ask how things went and honestly do not CARE! I HATE all things about it. There is nothing more SAD than an EQ President Cursing, a HP Group Leader Decking a returned missionary, and a Sunday School Teacher Fouling out a Non-Member...How "UN-Christian" can gown men be?...NoT mY SpoRt!!

amyraye said...

i'll have to defer to my brother, matt. he was the poster child for church basketball sportsmanship.