Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm a sell out

Just in case you didn't already know - I am.

Peanut was to receive 2 fancy prizes today IF she turned up to school with 10 addresses of "out of town" people to send catalogs to so they can buy crappy things from them. Man, my friends are so lucky [blessed]! Don't laugh you may be getting one! Just trash it when it comes.

No worries - it's a one time deal so you won't receive 12 Spiegel, 4 Harry & David's or 2 Chia Pet catalogs because of this - I [think I] promise.

I am sorry - but I do thank you. Peanut did have about 2" of unused floor space on her floor that these will fill up perfectly. I can hardly wait to see the talking duck and light-up pizza pen when I pick her up today. This is BIG time.

All made possible [maybe] by y o u and the fact that you are not homeless and have an out of town [as in out of Phoenix - you Scottsdale, Peoria & Glendale people] address.

We [ok, Peanut is eternally grateful]. . .I'll be grateful once I hear how loud this duck thing can talk.

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