Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Peanut: hey mom, it's sun glass day at school today
Mom: nice - I gave you three pairs a few months ago. wear one of those.
P: mom, this outfit is sooooooo Scottsdale, isn't it [apparently that's a positive - she looked VERY proud]
M: ummm yep - love the pink
P: mom, they are "rose".
M: sure - OK - rose, they are.
P: I love seeing the world through rose colored lenses - everything looks happy & girlie [y?] {sorry Amy, I have no clue on spelling, that one.}
M: I bet
[drive to school - she opens door - hops out and says]
P: I promise not to be Snottsdale in my Scottsdale glasses, Mom.

Good Luck with that, Peanut.

** PLEASE make note of the OH SO FASHIONABLE duck around her neck. **


amyraye said...

what an appropriate word. [sorry, karine].
and girlie can be spelled either way, i think.

Karine said...

I promise--my Scottsdale friends and I won't take offense!!! Except to say: "No soup for you!"