Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just love that song by Feist. [note: the video is  a w e s o m e - r]

Things that have made my day [even at 10:10am - trust me, it IS "made"]
1,2,3,4 --- ok 10.

  1. That my toothbrush has been set out for me [with toothpaste] 3 times in 7 days [who's counting?!] by my loving Pita.  Don't even care that he keeps loading up the one I use to clean my ring.  My ring is looking fabulous.

2.  That I found this on my computer/office desk - we'll talk later about the "text style" writing.  hmmmm who is she learning that from? .... Nana!!

3.  Then there was a pain free run!  The best.
4.  Then I received confirmation on a Valentine's get-a-way trip. yea! [Thanks Mom for watching the kid-O]
5.  Then I saw this new addition to Peanut's door.  hilarious.

[it reads: "don't come in! UNLESS I let you come in or if I'm really mad DO come in to *(calm me down)* CMD - calm me down"] awesome - I want one on my door too.
6.  Turned on my computer to see I had been paid for this.  "selling" and getting "paid" are two VERY different things.
7.  Realized I had actually [ok the Pita had actually] made something grow [indoors] that looked amazing.

8.  That I don't have to go to this until next year.  Plenty of warning.  I like appreciate that.  Mostly, I like that he wants to go with me.
9.  That I woke up to this [nicely arranged clothing] that I may or may not have thrown [um ya sorry, the $4k dresses too] on the floor in a stressed/emotional moment last night - when I wished I was 4 people [5 would be fine too though]. [Maybe I need that sign off Peanut's door, just in case?!].  Thanks Pita.

10.  That Peanut will ask me really hard / gutt wrenching questions.  I soooooo dig her straight forwardness [hoping that's a word].

w a i t . . .

11.  I appreciate your comments you are about to leave too.  It will somehow make my day even better!


Karine said...

Let me be the first to help "make your day" better. Love E's signs. It is amazing how such small things can make us happy.

Lucy said...

so intrigued by what you do for your job. and even though i have nothing brilliant to add, i hope your day is still made.

The Eliason's said...

sorry I came by so late...guess I was just here to make your NIGHT! Hey...does Ellie work on commission? I need one of those signs for every room of my house!! and my car!!

amyraye said...

loved the sign, too.

you still clean your ring?