Monday, February 1, 2010

yes / no

Desert Classic - January 30, 2010

Was it cold?   Yes.
Does Aunt A look way too cute when she runs?   Yes.

Do we Eliason girls look happy when we run or what?   Yes.

Could she have run the marathon?  YES!

Were the other runners the most supportive group of runners I've ever run with? Yes.

Did Peanut run the mile [she was hoping to] with me?  No.

Is this the best sight to see when running?  Yes.

Did I make the time I needed to for NYC?  No.

Was I still happy? [See above mile 25 - got the tears out at 24.]

Is my husband the most supportive ever? Y E S !

Did I qualify for Boston .... again?  Yes.

Did I love having my new sweet [but make me look like a "puller"] sunglasses? YES.

Did my time get posted correctly? No.

Am I happy with my [correct] time?  [believe it or not] Yes!

Did I win as the first female finisher? Yes.

Do I know why I am standing in 2nd position [ballet]? No.

Did Peanut think this made me the sweetest Mom ever?  Heck Ya.

Am I bummed?  More like devastated.  I know I can do it. 

Bring on the [insanely F L A T] Rock N Roll course in 2011!

Will we Eliason girls run a marathon together?  Just tell me when ladies!


amyraye said...

bummer on your non-qualifying NYC time.

this totally makes me want to have girls' weekend with my sisters and NOT run a marathon.

Ann's a nice sister. :)

Karine said...

Proud of you both. Looks like I didn't have to pay for ballet lessons--you've got the positions down instinctly. Not only is Ann a nice sister, she is an even nicer daughter.

Prediction: Eliason girls will run together (maybe not a marathon). Does a run on the beach count?

Lucy said...

totally cracking up at even the thought of anything like this happening in the harward family. can you imagine? em, you're a nutcase! but a very ripped one at that =).

Kera said...

obviously i'm still pretty new around here, cause I still can't get over the stomach. it will just take a couple more days. Congrats on the marathon! I thought boston was harder to get into that NY? I'm obviously out of the loop. anyway, thanks for your comment. I'm not a great photographer. luckily, i have a nice camera, it's digital, so i keep taking pictures until one turns out. the second picture is a handmade wooden door that was for sale at the little heritage village by our house. these arab guys in their shops make stuff- brass, glass, wood. it's so cool. and then the soup??? I was so confused about this question and maybe you're up too late and/or my font is too small cause I was talking about soap. love it.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

You TOTALLY rock!!!! I told another person (total stranger to you) that you won a marathon less than two weeks after dragging my sorry butt to the end of the RnR. Seriously. This is your new profession. It's either that or an abs model.