Wednesday, February 17, 2010

you tell me

So this is the fun part of my job most days.  Getting special bundles of joy from "UPS Susie".

So today I open to find this "you tell me" little number by Junya Watanabe.  [LOVE this designer].  But I didn't just get one - I received four.  Which makes me sooooooo happy.  Especially knowing what I paid for this $1,180 thing.

The only problem . . . I have no idea what it is.  The receipt is less than helpful stating "designer euro piece] - thinking "a piece of ... (*%#$) ".  Because to me - right now - it is this:

 A really expensive blob on my floor that Chuy [my annoying dog] wants to lay on.

I checked runway photos.  Ya, um, so which is it?



Karine said...

My guess is that it is the same top just worn differently. Is that possible? Hope it sells quickly before Chuy gets too attached to it!

Emily said...

Did you really get four that you get to sell for lots of money after only buying one of them? Did they do that on purpose? If so, cool! I think your mom is right.

amyraye said...

um, i totally commented earlier today. but i'll say it again: i think chuy was right on: it's a dog mat.

Kelly Leigh said...

haha how confusing! I bet you can wear it all 3 ways, but I bet figuring out how to get it on in any way is very very tricky.

The Eliason's said...

Ok, sorry, I know you like this "thing" but unless you are trying to hide a pregnancy I'd say no thanks to the floral...OH...that's know what it is? Well you don't or you wouldn't be asking, but it looks like those ugly...sorry, those "things" that our grandmothers sewed onto quilts that were to be roses. Those flower like things. Those circle like scrunchies. Do you know WHAT im talking about. They were gathered in the middle? Any way, that's what THIS is, it goes on a grandmothers quilt :D. Tell Chewy it's all his.

Emz said...

and the winner is - photo #1 [or Amy's answer is fine too]. I did buy all four by the way. No "freebies" here. :)