Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have a friend.

I adore her.

She lives far - far - away.  [okay, fine - - Utah . . . but it might as well be Egypt].

She's real. . . [meaning] not fake  -  she is who she is

Take it or leave it. 

Like her or dislike her.

She wouldn't "change" for anyone.  Not her clothes, speech, ideas or attitude.

She doesn't over "do" anything.  She's my queen of [trying to teach me] "moderation".

She tells me if [ok-when] I'm being stupid.

She tells me if I'm being [yep, when] a bad friend.

She tells me when she appreciates me.

She's a "thanks" girl.

She's not dramatic.  [how are we friends again?!]

She's always there for me.  Always cheering for me.

She calms me [this should be in the font size of 744].

She makes me want to be a better friend [to her and others].

Her laugh is the best I have EVER heard.

She's spiritual without being/acting saintly.

She never boasts - never.  Seriously.  Never.  a n d  trust me she has a lot to boast about.

She has two of the most adorable children [with the best personalities] I've ever seen/heard.

Did I mention I miss her?

Happy Thirty-something [older than me] Birthday Cass.

See you in [gasp/tear/joy] May.


Karine said...

Can I be the first to give a "shout out" for Cass. I, too, have loved her since she first came to our house for dinner and brought the most fabulous salad, on the most fabulous serving plate. Thanks, especially for being Emz's friend!

Kelly Leigh said...

Aww she sounds like a great friend! Such a sweet post. Made me miss all my friends too!