Thursday, February 11, 2010

my night - WED PM - abbreviated

Wednesday = family night at my place.
Last night we did a little questionnaire to figure out how much we "knew" about each other [aka the ones we "love" most].  awesome night.  tears of laughter by all.  One question was to name your favorite sports league.  Meaning we had to write down our favorite [like NFL, NHL, etc - these were each explained [we thought] to Peanut] then write down what we thought the other's answers would be.  So - -  fast forward to Peanut's answers:

Me [Ellie]:  TCIB - the commercials in between [yes, to a 9 year old{and me some days } inbetween is 2 words]
Mom:  ADW - anything Dad watches
Dad:  AWAB - anything with a ball

Sorry Dad, I'll be working with her on this after school today.

So grateful we have these crazy fun family nights.


Emily said...

She sounds so spunky and fun. AND, in between is always two words, so there you go!

Emz said...

What's even SAD-ER [yes, I know that one's NOT a word! ;)] ?? ;) Is that I googled "inbetween" before I posted that comment. [seriously do it now...and results numero uno - said "inbetween"]. AMY - help! Where's spell check. Thank goodness, I'm SUPER good at laughing at myself!