Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what's your policy?

on being there?
on helping others?
on serving others?
on gossiping?
on being real?

Yes, I'm having a rough one today. 

Until people realize that church walls are thin. . .  Gossiping is ugly. . . . And the simpliest of smiles can brighten any day . . . I'm loving Peanut's favorite commercial [this].

So simple.

So easy.

Such a great message [even if it is from an insurance company].

"Have you done any good in the world today?"  - I think I'm going to tape this to my forehead, mirror & phone.

*A big shout out to Evie for the text this morning.* ILY


The Eliason's said...

Looks like you and I have had simular awakings!! Im sorry, but I'm not, it turned out to be good for me, and I hope it will be good for you. Remember, like your shadow, the Lord is always with you, you may not see Him, but He is there, perhaps behind you, but leand on Him and he will guide you if you let him. I love you Em.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

What the what?! Who is it? I'm gonna knock their block off! Unless, of course, the gossip is that you have killer abs and that you are awesome, well, then that would be true.

amyraye said...

i like to be there...if it doesn't interfere with my family- or with me being lazy.

i like to help- " " "

i like to serve others if it truly is a service to others- and not just because someone sent around a sign-up sheet. i like to serve others with real needs.

i hate being a part of gossip, but sometimes it's good. i especially try to stay away from hurtful gossip, true or not.

i like being real.

waht's up?

Kera said...

i like being real, but i also LOVE to gossip. do you hate me?

Kera said...

ok maybe love is a strong word. i know it wrong, but i always find myself doing it. ok. i hate myself.

Sarah said...

I'm there whenever possible and I love to serve others. I don't love it when people start to milk it and take advantage of others and this is the part where I won't gossip about those people. :-D