Friday, February 12, 2010

it's a hard knock life

So to most Valentine's Day is Happy - Happy - Happy.

not at my place.  well let me clarify.  I heart - hearts day - [very much].

my daughter - not so much. 

don't get me wrong - she loves the candy.  she loves making valentine's for others.

but this morning.  she was in tearsbegging to stay home.  from school.  on the day of the V-day party.

she was worried.  no really more like horrified to receive more of these at school today.

The note is an absolute classic.

"I love you Ellie.  I love you like a lego girl.  I love you like when m y dog begs.  I love you every bit in my heart.  Ellie I just love you.  I love you every day I see you."

I asked the Pita why he never loved me like a "lego girl" -- that is serious love, I tell you.

It's a hard life for a 9 year old.  to be very much liked [waaaaaaay too much at school]. by boys. ewwwww.

yes, her dad  l o v e d  that she was crying about this.  then mumbled to me, "In 4 to 5 years time she'll be crying when she doesn't get one from a certain someone - I am going to enjoy this moment    all  -  day  -  long."

I love you my Peanut.  Happy Valentine's Day! 


The Eliason's said...

We had girls over here yesterday looking for Baker...somehow, we just COULDN'T find him...funny how that works :D !!

Kelly Leigh said...

Just found your blog! This is absolutely hilarious! Thank you for sharing. I'd like to know what it means to be loved like a lego girl...

amyraye said...

um, pretty sure i commented on this post, too. what's up?