Thursday, February 4, 2010

ET Designs

old shirts

1 random swatch of fabric

1 borrowed [from me] mannequin

4 hotel style thread/button "repair kits"

1 Sunday night

3 [creepy quiet] hours

and she walks out and shows me this:

b a c k

serious gathering.

this kid is 9.

I'll post the "finished product" tomorrow.


The Eliason's said...

Looks like she is preparing for Project Runway...they better watch OUT!

KamilahNYC said...

love it! Is she ready for a job at KGrace?!?

Jacob said...

hello you! thanks for your sweet comment on my bloggy blog. you are absoluly gorgeous and beyond any barbie hottie body girl!! way to go with the marathon.and the boston. always been a huge goal. umm wanna be bloggy friends? i like you already!
britt {whimsy}

Jacob said...

so glad to know the feeling is mutual my darling.

amyraye said...

oh man.