Friday, February 19, 2010

not in my house


words are big in my house.  well not big like sesquipedalian.  big like imperative.

Meaning it's imperative that certain words are not used in my home [or car or anywhere I can possibly control the lingo for that matter].

I will write the words below [this is hard for me as even looking upon/typing these words torments me] 

moist - ok seriously....don't say this word if we are in the same 100 story building.  I will hear it and I will hurt you.  just notice the formation of your mouth when you say that word.  ugly.  ugly.  ugly.

panties - uggg. really? so - so - so gross.  we call them "chonies" in my house.  Proud to say Peanut didn't know what "P" were until she was 5.5-6.  "Mom, what are "P"?" after I calmed down & regrouped I told her it's an awful, horrible word we should never say in our home.

flange - just gross
chunky - [for you Ann] only makes me think of someone blowing chunks
prolapse - for obvious reasons
tot - he/she is a child.  he/she is not made from potatoes
thrush - [squirming]
kudos - unless your offering me the candy bar
props - "I give him props for..." I think I just threw up
uni - just keep talking ..... university - perfect.  uni - not so much.
extricate - too prickly.
penalised - gross
masticate - just chew the dang food.
holistic - foul. but it does alert me to the fact that I can now ignore any following words from the person who just said it. ;) j/k
phlegm - actually like to look at that one [nice letter mix] but hate to hear it
sibling - really? can you really not bear to say, "my sister", "my brother" or "my sister & brother"? [side note -- it has the word "bling" in it.  enough said]
utter - I only think of of cow when I hear this

You got word "issues" too?

What are yours?


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Like, what do you mean, like do I have word issues, like, now way!


But I love to say 'thistle' - just the way it rolls off my tongue brings me sheer delight!

The Eliason's said...

I have to say off the top of my head, that I can NOT stand to listen to basketball announcers. Their language/verbage is like nails to a chalk board. Each time I hear that a player"penetrated" a ball...I'm sorry, I have to leave the room. Is there really NO OTHER word that can be used? I could go on, but I know this is a FAMILY blog and, well like the word MOIST, it's just plain UGLY!

Karine said...

Can't say my "word" out loud or even write it, but Virginia (from Volleyball) had a "fluffy" word to describe it. You have many more irritating words than I thought. I'll try to be more careful..

Ann said...

I'll be sure to share this list with my kids, although everyone in our family knows about your least favorite word--the one at the top of your list! ...And worse than that word is MY least favorite (you remembered)!! It just doesn't get worse than hearing an announcement in Relief Society that the assignment at the cannery is "beef chunks!" --seriously, nothing sounds worse than that! My favorite word: serendipity! (Can I say that one around you???) :)

Kera said...

can i borrow your list? and you are right- phlegm is a great word to look at...just not very great to say.

Kelly Leigh said...

haha no I don't have word issues but I think yours are funny. I didn't know you were a professional ebay seller. Do you have any fabulous tips for me?!

Unknown said...

Great post!:-)))) I also do have some word issues. My daughter is 14 and she manages to say "like" 25 times in one sentence. I also absolutely hate "redundant" and "oppulent". So far was not able to figure out why. :-)

Angie said...

oh how I wish I lived next door to you-you have fab taste in vocabulary. The fisrt one makes me shudder every time.