Tuesday, March 16, 2010

20 things you may [or may not] know about me.

There are a few "falsies".  Can you spot them?

  1. I am fluent in text language
  2. I use my poker face when playing "sorry"
  3. I have one year of college left for my BA.
  4. I love watches.  I want this one next.

   5.  Our last "proper" family photo was when Peanut was 3.5 years old.
   6.  The Pita and I have never had a "professional" photo taken of just the two of us.

   7.  I love surprises.
   8.  I clean my feet 4-5 times per day.
   9.  I use 5-6 hand [sweat] towels on my long run days.
 10.  I consider my pets family.
 11.  I have 14 nephews and 4 nieces [just on my side of the family]
 12.  I've never seen "Gone With The Wind".
 13.  I went to the Ostrich Festival.  It was the first time I've been away from the Pita [on a weekend night for more than 1.5 hours] in 10 years.

 14.  I love college basketball.
 15.  I think toes are the grossest part of the human body.
 16.  I've been stung by a scorpion.
 17.  I love my name [first and last].
 18.  I own 32 pairs of jeans.
 19.  The Pita has a bigger shoe obsession than me.
 20.  I speak Na'vi.


Karine said...

I have you "nailed"
Falsies are:
6, 10, 14
Ostrich Festival.... really?(Why would Pita miss that?)
What is Na'vi?

Emz said...

Ummm sorry. Not so "nailed". But I love you!! : )

Kelly Leigh said...

I don't believe you speak Na'vi. And I really like your nicknames. They're affectionate but not in a gross baby talk kind of way. I call my husband "Neeners" and my dog "Doodle".

Anonymous said...

i just spent a good chunk of time catching up on your blog. you'll be happy (or scared?) to know that i just learned how to "follow" someone on their blog. so i'll be checking in more often...don't be worried, i'll keep my comments to a minimum and try to 'follow' in a non-obssesive way. deal? also,i'm so sorry about your dog (scary!).

i think you own more than 32 pairs of jeans and i think you clean your feet more than that. also, since you mentioned a couple of posts back that you never remember to bring the dog in, i think that maybe you don't consider pets like family. how did i do?

Sarah said...

Ok, they're all true, except you hate that watch so very much.


For real, these are my guesses for false:

You see pets as part of your family. (I believe that to be false based on your story about the coyote.)

Your husband has a bigger shoe obsession than you.

You speak Na'vi.

Gina said...

i really don't know - i'm guessing #20 is false. and i think maybe #8 is false. i just pictured myself cleaning my feet that often and it seemed like it would be a pain to clean them that much. ;)

my hubby and i don't have a single professional photo of us, either. :)

amyraye said...

10, 17, 20?

Emz said...

Loved this [seeing everyone else's guesses]
10 & 20. :) however, I guess wedding photos count as professional photos. ;) guess I was thinking post marriage when I wrote this. :)

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Dang, I got in too late on this one to guess the "falsies" (nice that you had to use THAT term). I would have guessed #10 and I was really hoping #12, because that's just sad. You may not speak Na'vi, but there is one that works at our Whole Foods. I believe she speaks English, so you will still be able to communicate with her.

Angie said...

Whatever liar- i know about you and shoes.

Sarah said...

If your husband really loves shoes more than you, I think that should be its own post. I think we need to know about your husband's shoes.