Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are you there God? It's me Emz

Yep, it's me [again].  even though I checked "in" last night, I thought I'd check "in" again being that my morning routine with you is less than optimal.  I'm doing very well.  I am trying harder each day to be more aware of what you have blessed me with.  little & big alike.  I'm trying to do better at enjoying each station this train of life makes me stop at.  Honestly, I don't like some of the stops.  Any chance of a "pass this stop [trial]" pass?  {figured it was worth trying}  You know, the ones where I'm forced to disembark the vessel for a quest I know I signed up for.  But, sometimes I find the picture to be slightly less breath-taking than the brochure alluded to, no offence.  However, each time I hop back on - I find the ride even more enjoyable?! [hmmm]

I just wanted to thank you for the new people you've placed in my journey lately.  I had been feeling a bit of negativity from a few people [who were probably just having a bad day themselves].  It's not that I give credence to what they say it's just that I'm sensitive [you know that], so the remarks feel like a mosquito bite where there is already a scab trying to heal.  Anyway - - thank you for the new friends I've made [even though 4 of them, I've never met . . . they do/are bringing happiness to my life].

Please continue to help me in my attempts to be a better me.  A better wife.  A better mom.  A better daughter.  A better friend.  A better neighbor.  A better person.  In little ways.  Each day.  Please help remind me - I can make someone have a better day, hour, minute by doing something, possibly something very, very small.

Can I beg a little patience off you today while I'm at it?  I jumped at Peanut yesterday.  As it turned out - a one minute hug fixed everything.  I was [possibly on purpose] clamoring dishes upon my return from achievement days last night when I found they had been left for me to do [not his words but rather my thoughts].  As it turned out he was on the computer trying to get things together for work tomorrow --- not aimlessly surfing the web for tactical gear.

Thanks for the texts from my family last night [even though they were about my dog].  I felt loved.  Thanks for the call from my Dad.  On his cell phone.  Thanks for helping him learn how to use it.  Thanks for reminding him to actually carry it some days.  Thanks for letting my parents think dinner I brought them was nice.  because it was tacky.  Chicken in a bag & a baguette of [albeit yummy] bread.  Thanks for helping/letting them lie when it's okay by you.

Well, thanks for the chat.  Time to get back to doin.  I hear my name being screamed from a porcelain throne, of sorts.  I'm grabbing my bag o' patience and getting on board.



Kelly Leigh said...

I loved this. I always talk to God in letter format as well, except instead of "Hi" I usually start with "Dear God..." haha. I really liked this line that you wrote...

But, sometimes I find the picture to be slightly less breath-taking than the brochure alluded to, no offence.

So much truth in that!

Sarah said...

This is a great post. I bet you're a better mom, wife, friend, etc. than you realize. Hey, and you made my day better too because I got to read this. :-D

amyraye said...

really loved this one, too.
so sincere.
and you bring your parents dinner? you put me to shame.

Emz said...

Kelly - so funny. Ya I guess a little more proper would be ok. ;)

Sarah - you are one of the "4" I mention. I love new friends!! ummm BTW - I'm such a dork. Can't figure out how to get back on your blog?!! I swear I won't lose the name [again].

Amy - have soooooooo missed you!! Thanks for writing! Hope Hawaii has been booked?!

Sarah said...

Hahahaha! I've done that with private blogs too. I end up searching through my e-mails to find the invite. It's I was secretly hoping I was one of those four people. :-D