Friday, March 5, 2010

Enjoy [ing] the silence

"We have so much in common, we both love soup and snow peas, we love the outdoors, and talking and not talking. We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about. - Best In Show

Last night was quiet.  weirdly quiet.  the best quiet. 

I remember [very] few bits of marital advice I have been given.  Some was requested others were in no way requested.  Either way . . . the one I think of often, is the one told to me by the man who performed our [1 of 2] ceremonies. two days before our wedding.  in his backyard.  we'll call him, "Bob" ; ). 

Bob said, "The one thing I will tell you to do & do often is to be together.  If that means he's golfing [thank goodness the Pita doesn't] go with him [but I insert shooting guns or basketballs].  If she's reading a book/magazine on the couch, sit by her.  If he's off to run an errand, you go too." 

I always have loved this comment.  Of course, it's not always do-able.  However, last night it happened.  quiet.  no tv.  a sleeping Peanut.  my running magazine.  a couch.  an approaching Pita.  a sitting Pita.  a sitting reading consumer reports, BY me - Pita.  quiet. 

I loved the [few and far between] moment of quiet.  no dishes, laundry, lunches for the next day.  just the comfortable, stress free moment where we don't talk about anything.  no daily nuggets of info to chat about.  not that I don't have them.  trust me.  I can talk for hours about [well] just about anything.  Our conversations flow freely - but last night wasn't about that.  it just felt good amazing to sit and experience the moment without saying a word.  a lot was said by being unsaid.  Because there isn't much that's unsaid.  it's all out there

I'm thankful for this moment [even though, I'm certain, he doesn't have a clue the "moment" even happened].  I felt good about myself and US.  I genuinely enjoyed his company.  without saying a word.


Karine said...

One of my favorite scriptures includes the phrase "stay still". I can imagine the peace this feeling must have been for you last night, as I know "staying still" isn't your strong point. Hopefully, you will have more frequent feelings such as deserve it!

amyraye said...

wonderful advice. i completely agree. i love just being in the same room with my husband- even if we are doing very different things. good for you for recognizing that moment.

Lucy said...

love this. great advice.

Gina said...

lovely... my husband and i work together - from home, so we're together all the time. to get alone time, we are usually sitting together - yet in our own little worlds. :)