Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry

Well thanks Fergie - but I never said I was a "big girl".

I am bummed, angry, mad, sad, crying.  So that probably makes me one of the biggest dorks alive today.  Because this is why:  NYC Marathon Status: denied.

I hate that word: denied
a bit harsh, no? 

I think it should have read: I'm so sorry you number was not picked this year but we all love you here in NYC!  [and YES, in pink would have been nice too]

Yes, I like that a lot better.

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to doing this all 26.2 miles:

And laughing/smiling like a dork [like this]:

So, I emailed the Pita.  Felt "unfit" to call & [gasp] his work phone charges per text [what?].  So ... of course, he calls, he's amazing.  I cry [duh].  He tells me to pick two and we'll "go".  really?  seriously?  Not too many other hubbys' would understand my freakish running "needs" [I use that term loosely] like this & man, do I appreciate it.

So what to do?  What to do?

Help me pick.  I will be running in at least two of these this year:

  • Prescott YMCA Whiskey Row Marathon May 1
  • OC marathon May 2
  • San Diego R&R June 6
  • San Juan [WA] marathon June 6
  • Seattle R&R June 26 - ummm ya guess not - sold out - unless it's a charity run
  • SF, CA marathon July 25
  • ** Kauai Marathon Sept 5 **
  • Portland Marathon October 10
  • Denver R&R Oct 17
  • Nike women's marathon, SF, CA Oct 17
  • ** MARINE COPRS marathon Oct 31 **
  • Santa Barbara Marathon Nov 6
  • Malibu International Marathon Nov 14
  • Seattle marathon Nov 28
  • Las Vegas Dec 5
  • Tucson Marathon [the one I got my goofy blogger photo from] Dec 13
Don't get me wrong Mr. Sinatra, I'm going to "be a part of it" alright.  I am securing my 2011 spot by running the stinkin' 3:23.  I will not be "denied" again.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry emily! i was going to email you today to find out but you found out early:(...

i say any in hawaii, washington, or san diego, or san franscisco. cheer up buttercup. next years marathon will be here before you know it and you'll be there:).

Kelly Leigh said...

Oh no I'm sorry! I don't know anything about marathons, I've always just stood on the sidelines and cheered for my mom! But it looks like a lot of cool destinations! I think the London marathon is coming up if you fancy a trip across the pond! Or the Kauai or malibu look good to me!

Petraruns said...

Just found your blog after your comment - thank you! MY GOD YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING ABS! Sorry but wow! You look fabulous and seem fabulous so I won't be a hater but it's hard. You look amazing!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

I am planning on doing next years San Diego rock n roll marathon! I am from San Diego and I have heard it is amazing! They have bands playing the whole way &come on... its SAN DIEGO?!!!!!

Angie said...

Ummm, hello! St George!!!!

Sarah said...

Do both Seattle marathons and I'll cheer for you. :-D

jymmebe said...

I say, Kauai, Seattle, or San Diego!

So impressed!!!

amyraye said...

why stop at 2? i think you should run them ALL.

{lame that you got denied. i'm sorry}

Kera said...

one more ab question. do you wear that outfit cause you know you look hot, or is it the most comfortable, or both. and do nike and YMCA and dedicate it to me cause it's me birthday. yes, i meant to say 'me' like an irish person. does all of this distract you from that fact that NY is gay?????????DFLIEFILSDGHSLRIFJEOICJOEIRGSLKDJSFGOIWJEGKLJSFDIWEOJ FDKVJSIJGFSOIDFJGHIS. ok good.

Gina said...

awe that stinks! your husband sounds awesome, though! Is the one in san juan washington in the san juan islands? if so, ive been there, and it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been!

Emz said...

Thanks you guys!

Petraruns-you are kind. too kind. and my new BFF. ;)

Alycia-I think I'm signing up today. We'll have to run it together in 2011.

Angie-I'll email you.

Mara, K Fam & Sarah -agreed. LOVE Seattle!

Amy-don't tempt me.

Kera-you crack me up. The day I "know I look hot" is surely going to be the day I die. I DO swear by my Under armour pants & the nike bra tops [aren't made anymore-huff] but lucky me I own 8. When I find something I like, I buy out all of the stock. It's just how I roll. ;)

Karine said...

Please choose some place where we haven't been so we can come and cheer you. We could tie it into a vacation......NO 50 MILE RUNS allowed!

abby said...

what the heck? i can comment now? cool!!!

i choose kuaui and portland. i'm sorry that you got jipped. if it makes you feel any better, i would kill for your body. holy hannah, i would.

KamilahNYC said...

Ah man, I'm soooo bummed. I was so looking forward to cheering you on, plus the bragging rights alone would have amped up my status...I have a cousin running the marathon....
Well, at least you have some good options to pick from. And yes, there is always the next year.

budget menu lady said...

So sorry for your disappointment.

Michelle Schraudner said...

How disappointing! Hopefully you'll have more fun doing some other marathons than the NY one would have been. I'm sure it'll work itself out for the best.

beckus1234 said...

NYC doesn't know what they're missing! Agree with Kamilah - next year for sure!! In the meantime, how about San Juan and Tucson!! I love your "PITA" (you too, of course...)

Marlene said...

Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your comment. :)

Looking forward to reading more. Just became a follower!

Sorry about the NYC denial. Boooo! BUT 2 marathons in its place sounds good. I vote for MCM just cuz I really want to run it some day. I also would have said Seattle RnR... that's where I'll be! My first RnR!


suki said...

Nike women's marathon is taking people for the lottery right now!!! Hope you get into the ones you want, aside from this one, obviously.

Good luck!

The Jodi(e)s said...

That stinkin', straight up - sucks.
But, in the words of Neil Youg, don't be denied.
Run that 3:23 and kick butt with your goofy faces in pink in NYC next year.
I vote for Hawaii and Denver - two such beautiful places.
Who wouldn't want an excuse to visit?

Man, alive woman your abs are my workout inspiration for the week!

Jodi Kendall said...

I vote Nike (did it back in 2007 and LOVED it!!) and I have heard great things about the new Las Vegas one. Marine Corps is supposedly the best organized, and D.C. is amazing anyways, so great course :)

Just discovered your blog!

Sarah Esther said...

what a about Nashville? Lots of friend are running that one... it may be a little too far East.. but a fuin experience!

Petraruns said...

Ok so when I'm back from Boston I need your advice on how to get awesome abs like you...

Running Diva Mom said...

Just found you. WOW -- you look phenomenal!! I am sooo jealous!! keep it up girl!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

that is quite a list to choose from! Too bad Seattle RnR is sold out! I'll be doing the half this year. And the San Juan Island one, i hear is beautiful!!!