Tuesday, April 20, 2010

whataya want from me?

 .... oh really, you don't want anything?


I want something from you


No, not your spot in NYC on November 7th.

I want your favorite song on your marathon, workout or clean your house playlist.  The one song that gets you moving in a way no other song can!

[Since I am 100% fine with bribery]

I'll give this to the person who shares the song - that become my next favorite too.

Just leave the favorite song in "comment" form and tell me you are a follower or you just became one [or don't if it creeps you out]  ; ).  Winner will be picked on Friday April 23rd.

Yes, it's only $15 but it's something right!?


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Viva La Vida by Coldplay :)

I will be posting a list with my top 10-20 soon..

Would LOVE $15 I could buy more..

Laura said...

I'll give you a couple:
Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
Flathead - Fratellis
....and I will admit it...the Glee soundtracks....
I'd love $15...post bday gift for me.
I'm a follower as well.

Marlene said...

Orianthi - According to You.

Love her!


Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
And any song by Paramore

I'm totally a follower!

Velma said...

Till I Collapse - Eminem and Nate Dog

I also listen to the Olympic Fanfare theme :)

Megan said...

If its for general booty shakin': Lady Gaga - telephone or Ke$ha - Tik tok
Actually, they work for running too.

And Foo Fighters - Best Of You reminds me to give it my all.

Stacey said...

All the songs on Lady Gaga's "The Fame" album.
And So What~ Pink

I am also a follower!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Mine changes alot, but currently it is "Everything I Can't Have" by Robert Thicke

I am a follower as well

Anne said...

Anyways, my absolute favorite is Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones.

I can't really get into the whole following deal, but I do "follow" you in my google reader. Yeah, I know, not the same.

RunToTheFinish said...

Miami is SOOOO Flat too, I have to run to a bridge over the water to have a hill and it's a big one!

So excited you stopped by my blog, I need more great ideas on getting my marathon time down and I'm sure I'll find some here.

Sarah said...

Old one: Synchronicity by The Police (not to be confused with Synchronicity II)

Kelly Leigh said...

Eeek I want to help but I can't choose just one!!!

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run (cliche I know but what the hey)

Anything Sneaky Sound System (especially "Pictures") - they are an Australian band so sometimes tricky to find but you can youtube them.

Jonathan Rice - So Sweet

Gina said...

totally cheesy but, the rocky soundtrack really pumps me up! :)

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

you get what you give by the new radicals. I am a follower...of your cult. LOL!

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

Let me throw a few at you! These are probably my top 10:

Adelita's Way - Invinceable
Alter Bridge - Rise Today
The Ataris - Boys of Summer
Billy Squire - Everybody Wants You
Guns n Roses - Sweet Child of Mine
Korn - Word Up
George Michael - Faith
Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass
Prince - P***y Control
Three Days Grace - Pain

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

BTW, I just became a follower. :)

Hayley said...

Love the blog... I'm a new follower. Two songs come to mind that always make me run faster:

"Misery Business" by Paramore
"2x4" by Metallica

Wonderful beat to run to... LOVE THEM!

Momma Twitch said...

It's not a "fast" song, but the words get me pumped and make me run faster and harder.... Feeling Good By Michael Buble. :)

budget menu lady said...

Who knew by Pink, I am signing up as a follower right after this

Denise said...

Love Drunk: Boys Like Girls
Untouched: The Veronicas
Mr. Brightside: The Killers
StarStrukk: 3OH!3

... a few for ya.

Denise said...

Love Drunk: Boys Like Girls
Untouched: The Veronicas
Mr. Brightside: The Killers
StarStrukk: 3OH!3

... a few for ya.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty
I'm a follower!! :)

Carrie said...

All These Things That I've Done- The Killers

MCM Mama said...

Tubthumping by Chumbawumba rocks my world on a long hard run.

I'm a new follower.

Anne said...

Not a fast song, but I love when this song comes on...I always get a smile on my face:

Dance me to the end of love by Leonard Cohen

I'm an old follower :)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Ok - this was hard, but I thought I would give you something a little different.

Toss the Feathers - The Corrs

Claudia said...

The song that gets me going right now is Hard by Rihanna.
I'm just recently became a follower

Anonymous said...

After a 12-miler today I realized I've been listening to the song "Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails on many a running playlist for YEARS. That would be the one that gets my butt moving.

robin said...

"hot and cold", katy perry
"live your life", t.i. and rihanna

Petraruns said...

Hey sweet Emz - thanks so much for your comments earlier - very much appreciated.

OK honesty time:
- Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
- Amy Winehouse - Rehab

And here is the truly embarassing one that I blame on my children who are now (at 9 and 7) too cool for this - Now or Never from HSM 3. I know I know it is mortifying but it's got crowds, cheerleaders, a beat - it works...