Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Motivation" - Kelly Rowland [feat. Lil Wayne]

Seattle . . .

You left me feeling like this. [ummm but actually, this was pre-race ---- shoulda known ;) ]  SO love Amanda and her signature pose.

Seattle has left me with something . . . . . .

M o t i v a t i o n . [x 4,444]

That 3:10 marathon.

That "BQ like a man" goal.

 - - it's so freaking mine.  Ya, it might be in January of 2012 not December of 2011 [as I was planning] but . . . I'm totally okay with that.

So on to SEATTLE race report with new happiness and a lot less anger.

On the way there.  I saw my mountain.  And this awesome opportunity to advertise for Southwest.

Awesome moment #1:
Sitting in seat - look up for air fan thingy . . . . Am I the only one who instantly thought this was an Ironman sign?  Jeff, was I in your seat?!

Loved that.

Awesome #2:

Sitting next to an 18 year old and his Dad on the way to the Expo on the "light rail".  He was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo intrigued. 

him:  we don't have these in Oklahoma!
him:  we have to pay to ride things like this at the fair!
him:  and we have to pay about $3.00 MORE!

It went on and on and I loved it.

EXPO time:

Fun stuff.
Got to meet a friend from DM [dailymile] Samantha.  awesome.

then........well.......we pretty much rolled out.

It's Seattle!  I don't want to go to the expo for hours!  It's sunny and did I mention
freaking . . . 65*.

Soooooo.......we went to Pioneer Park [I think].  I chilled with the baggage and the Pita found some awesome sandwiches at a local place.

We sat in the sun and listed to this guy jam on this violin-ish looking thing.

a w e s o m e.

Went to our hotel.




Do you see what I see?

Yep. My CC bill going up by the second.  Nordy's.  Heaven.

So the Pita dragged me out and we were off for. . . .

Pita Vs. Seattle food fest 2011.

Yep - First stop: Pike's for:
1.  Strawberry Shortcake
2.  Sandwich
3.  Bread Pudding
4.  Peach [what?]
5.  Blueberries
6.  Mac N' Cheese
7.  Salad [Cesar]
8.  mini donuts

I got:

Boosh.  heck ya!  Best.  $15.  Ever.

Signs from Pike's.  I. freaking. loved.

Awwwww. yaaaaa.

Oh and I found this to eat.

ummm, was NOT yum.


Then I said so what's for dinner and --- ya, he wasn't hungry.  In fact he was a bit full.  So off to the gym we went at 7pm.

In PitaVille . . . . workout = hungry again in an hour [I'm smart & I want dinner]

Got 5 miles in.  He did 40 on the elliptical [new record].

shower. clothes.

On. We. Go!

ummm, ya.  we didn't make it out the hotel door.

Hello, Ruth's Chris & Blue C were IN our hotel.
nom. nom. nom.

This was the Pita's day.  He had a few worky things he/we needed to do.
We drove to Gig Harbour for the day.

b e a u t i f u l.

House we went to - A-freaking-mazing.

They chatted.

I chilled.

Loved it.

Dinner. . . . . Spaghetti . . . the best ever.


Salmon.  The good crap.  Alaskan something - something.

Yep, I tried.  I likey'd.  I ate.

Fast Forward one hour.

We late-y leaving.  Pita Indy 500-ing our way back.  Emz a pukie. [big time].  I get car sick/motion sick.  This. was. bad.

Ate 1/2 bagel.  Texted Dawn [duh, she totally needed to know about this], drank two 16oz bottles of wa-waaa-washington water.

Set alarm.

I'm out.

Woke up.  felt a bit "wonky" but good great! [no excuses].

Walked 1/3 mile to shuttle.  Was on within 5 minutes. I kinda "cut".
Shortish bus ride.  Arrived with an hour to spare.  Toilet.  Bag drop off.  Stand in front of generator for 30 minutes inhaling who knows what but it was warm.

Walked up to corrals.  Saw Jess, Mel & Amanda [above mentioned photo].

And I am off.

I unknowingly ran past Chelsea.  She.  Freaking.  Rocks.

She took these photos!

And I CANNOT believe I didn't see this.

Yep, she made it too.

[hmmm, I haven't been there today]

So... ya..... not mentioning running numbers but it wasn't pretty.

First 6-10 [ish] miles were 7:23 average

Here's me smiling for the Pita.

To which he said:  "What are you doing 3:20 is ahead of you.  suck it up. run faster!"

he. knows. me. well.

he didn't know my legs today.
They weren't there.

blah. blah [I sucked] blah. blah.
3:27:08 [flipped off camera guy]
Finish line.  YAY!

My Pita.

Love. Him.

Then Jess - got this awesome photo for us.  Thanks Jess!

Then I got my photo with the girls.  Super.Sweetness.
[Me, Stacie, Mel & Jess].  Sorry, I kept you guys waiting for FREAKING ever.

And one photo with me and Stacie

[the treadmill lovers!!] ---- [let me rephrase, we love treadmills!]

OK -----

So I'm hiding that I'm uberP'dOffRightNow.

Walk in hotel.  Bye Bye hotel.  Off to TM for 2 miles.  NOW, I am better.

Ice. ice. ice.

texting while icing.


It's fun time.
Got my Run Emz shirt on [shuddup].

And it was time for food.


shopping [photo intentionally omitted, Nordy's!], Ninja's,

getting "Randy" [Randy Couture]. . .
[seriously. nicest. guy. ever.  Sat three seats away from him.]

And four points to the Pita for scoring front row seats.  Crazy fun.

at the baseball game & a 4 mile walk.

a w e s o m e n e s s .

Here's what the Pita thought of my finishing time:

[which is 29.4% why I love him.  He knows I expect a lot of myself and he expects EVEN 4 times more.]

The run . . . . ya, I sucked it up.

but . . .

the weekend  . . . . best one EVER.


ShutUpandRun said...

So loving the rundown. Faves:

Flipping off camera
Costco sign
Alaskan something something
Your abs

Pukey EMZ
Wake up time on alarm

Congrats. You own 3:10.

SupermomE13 said...

LOVE all the pics and the recap. You rock! Sorry the legs didn't show up but have NO doubt that you will OWN 3:10. :)

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So GREAT to see you darlin!! I am sure all the FUN zapped the EMZ-speed out of you.. The beauty can be a bit daunting to the new visitors :) HEHEHEH!!

So glad we could see you before and after the race.. The course sucks, hills, blah, 3:10 is yours.. I recommend Eugene May 2011....BEST COURSE EVER!!! Trust me, I am not fast and that course made me ZOOM..

Hugs to Pita, he was a good sport while we all gawked at you and your ummmm, never mind you didn't mention it so I wont, but you are rather salty..

See you at a race course again someday, maybe?? Who knows!!

Emz said...

Salty crotch. It's. My. Speciality. ;)

Teamarcia said...

Super fun weekend! Salty crotch? Definitely a speciality.
Love your RR.

bobbi said...

Sounds like a crappy run sandwiched into a FANTASTIC weekend....so glad you and the PITA had such a fun getaway.

3:10 is totally yours. Soon. I can feel it :)

What's next for you?

Caroline said...

I think I could live in Seattle...
I love all the pics...the ones of you and Pita are the bestest...yes I am 42 and I invent words sometimes.

I love that in the ones from the race it is only dudes around the EMZ!!!

3:10: it is yours. I believe it.

Emz said...

Bobbi. San Fran in July. Not going to be a PR race for sure but a great "training run". ;)

Karen R said...

How fun! And love the picture of the Pita at the end. The best partners in life are the ones that push us forward. Love it! :)

Char said...

That Costco sign - hilarious!!

Sarah said...

Did it feel muggy to you? It's been a rather muggy week. Sounds like an awesome weekend (even though you were unhappy with your time). :-D

Caratunk Girl said...

I totally love this entire post.

I want to move to Seattle.

You own 3:10!

Love that you get up at 4:44!

Teri S. said...

That Seattle course is an ass-kicker. Funny - I had that experience last year too. Great weekend - suck ass marathon. So glad you got to enjoy the rest of that great city though!

Anonymous said...

You rock, seesta salty crotch. :-)

no matter what you do, you come out ahead! awesomeness!

Erika said...

salty crotch?? what? that's hilarious!!!
BTW...a friend of mine saw my Run EMZ shirt and wants one...are you still selling them? email me at erikagerding@gmail.com is you are:) thanks!

XLMIC said...

Despite your 'crap' run, I'm glad you had a fab weekend...even with your SC. Fashion note: Black tights, while slimming, often accentuate such things.

Cal Int'l in December (not necessarily this year) might hold that 3:10 you're looking for. Highly recommend you check it out :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great report! Makes me want to visit Seattle.

Can I have your abs? Please? Or your ab secret? Sexy mama!

If I could run a 3:27 marathon - I would be SUPER DUPER HAPPY! You rock lady! 3:10 is yours - it's YOURS. And WHEN you BQ - I best be knowing about it cuz I live an hour out of Boston!

Michael said...

Sounds like an awesome time!! Sorry your race didn't turn out at planned, but you are still stinking fast in my book!!! Love the pic of you and the Ninjas - awesome!

Anne said...

What a fun recap :) You are such a speedster that your crap run is like pretty much everyone's dream run! Go EMZ Go...you will rock that 3:10 in 2012! :)

salty crotch? :)

Jill said...

Best. Freaking. Race Report. Ever!!! I loved reading every single word , I felt like I was there with ya - eating :). And I have that pic on my phone, always!! Love it. Eh, so what about the time, you'll get that 3:10, you WILL!!!!

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

seriously loved the report.

Glock tshirt. When you come to TN (like, if ever!), you must visit our home in the hills with our personal shooting range. You'll have to get used to Rugers and Winchesters, but you can top it off with an AR-15 bang.

Randy Couture. If you follow UFC, you should know that I used to bartend in college with Matt Hughes. We were buddies. I know he's out of it now, but in his day, he was a submission master!

Nordstrom. Best. Shoe. Department. Ever.

You and the PITA. Adorbs.

May not be your best race, but you enjoyed the hell out of your time there. Score!

Kat said...


(but ewww in an awesome way)

Loved your report.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Sorry about the barfing. I've spent a lot of time in Seattle, lovely place.

Allison said...

Awesome. All of it. So jealous of those abs too. DAYUM!

Richelle said...

My ex-boyfriend would be so jealous that you met Randy Couture.

I love all the photos, esp. the last one. The Pita is awesome!

Amanda@runninghood said...

You're such a bad ass...why don't you just fly back to the Northwest and run that Sauvie Island marathon again on Monday...You'd get your 3:10! :) My goal for it is to just have a progressive run. I've lost a ton of fitness I'm sure with all the sick time I've had (no running) so as long as I can start slower and finish stronger I will be happy. Love that so many were at this race. I must run it next year. I LOVE SEATTLE!

Silly Girl Running said...

Hehehe! That last pic: the Pita rocks! Hilarious! :)

As for 3:27 - I'd kill (well...not literally...I guess ;)) for that. :) But I know how you must have been feeling: suck-tastic. ;) You WILL get that 3:10 soon! I know these things. ;)

And your abs still looked effing fantastic - they have 3:05 written all over them. Just sayin.

Johann said...

Fun report to read. Looks like a really great weekend. As I said on Dailymile 3:27 still awesome. I know nothing about speed and only care about endurance but for 3:10 I would maybe...just maybe do 1 time trial per week outside.

Quinton J said...

Hahaha...loved this post. I've been trying to convince race directors to give out time for looking good on the course or even being ripped. you'd have been a sub 3 for sure.

Look...your 3:10 is just sitting there waiting for you to grab it like a Wheat, Gluten and Sugar Free Vegan Applesauce Bread Loaf. go get it.

...and keep freaking shining.

Michelle said...

Great job - I can see the hills in the pictures - bleh!

Love the huggy pic of you and PITA!

Ninjas are way cool!

Christi said...

Great race recap! I am sorry you didn't make your goal but I am sure you will in no time!

Jason said...

Awesome recap. Great post as always.

But I am confused why you aren't BQ'ing like a man in December. I was going to use you as my pacer so I could qualify like a Jason.

KovasP said...

Looks like a great time, bummer about the Pukie.

Matty O said...

Yeah, seriously what fun would running be if you only got faster every race? Some times you gotta take a breath and take a break. Let the body heal up and rebuild.

You may be plateauing too. Might want to switch up workouts a little structure wise.

Great job regardless, in my opinion anything under a 3:30 is rockstar level. You owned it.

Glad you guys had fun out there, that is the whole reason I race... so I can vacation :)

Will Cooper said...

great time for not feeling your legs. good days and bad days. we all have 'em. good luck on your 3:10 and Cal international is a great course...its were I got my pr.

adena said...

That costco sign for you was the.best.ever.

love love love love it, including your finish time. i am uber jealous..

Jen Feeny said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! As for your finish time, can I please have it if you don't want it?

Heather-O said...

2) Pita is SUPER tall!
3) Crab legs and steak post race = MY FAV!
4) Holy ABS!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Um still an awesome time. And you ran 2 miles after a marathon? You are a freaking machine.

3:10 is yours! Next marathon. Bam. You have it!

Glad you had fun in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't suck if you tried!

3:10. No problem, YFGT.

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

Great recap! And....I want that Glock shirt. :)

Velma said...

Salty crotch - what?!

January is your bitch :)

Michelle said...

Love the recap! Sorry it wasn't the race you wanted but have no doubt that you will own 3:10!

That Costco sign cracked me up! Love it!

racing dawn said...

Love Love Love this post. It definitely was the best weekend better, minus the fact that I wasn't there. Dang.

Costco sign is hilarious.

Your peeps know you so well. :)

3:10 is calling your name. It will be yours. Without a doubt. Done.

Aimee said...

I loved how you did your weekend/race recap! How fun that you got to meet up with some fun bloggers?!!
It looks like you had a great weekend! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

This post rocks.

BTW, I think my 3-year-old has been reading your blog. She was trying to put on her jammies last night and they got stuck on her head and she shouted "These jammies are FREAKIN stupid." I almost wet myself with laughter.

The Green Girl said...

Oh, Emz, you write the best race reports.

I agree, 3:10 is yours.

Megan L. Killian said...

I LOVE Seattle!
And you still rock. Running that fast after a 100miler on the treadmill is phenom. I think you will bring a total crushfest to any fall marathon... especially if you focus more on speed.

PunkRockRunner said...

If I ran a 3:27 marathon I would be doing cartwheels, hugging strangers, kissing babies and taking out a full page add in the local papers to announce my time. Oh wait, I can’t do a cartwheel (but you get the idea).

You rock…


Nelly said...

That house that you went to before the race looked amazing, I could have stayed there the whole trip!

Sounds like for whatever reason your legs weren't ready to run a PR race, and that is okay. Sometimes they just don't feel perfect. You have had some huge physical challenges recently (PR marathon, 100 miles on treadmill), so I wouldn't worry that you didn't get it this time.

That is great that you met up with Jess there!

Lol at the picture if you with those running statues, that is just too much, haha

What is up with the kid ninja's picture? hilarious

And above anything else I'm jealous about you meeting Randy Couture, he is a UFC legend! His son was fighting in Kent, Washington on Saturday night I think - I saw the fight on Strikeforce.

Allie said...

Glad you had an awesome weekend even if you didn't have the most awesome marathon ever...you still rock my socks off and 3:10 is yours girl, go get it!!

Char said...

Why can't we comment on your next post? I know I'm a techno-tard but I just can't work it out. And I was going to say something really witty ... but being as old as I am I've forgotten what it was :(

Unknown said...

Definitely looks like one of the best weekends every... if if your run was "sucky" in your terms. If you run sucked, some day I hope to suck as bad as you! :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

It's not just that fact that your sucky-legs-didn't-show-up marathon time is my PR time. It's not just your abs always staring at my not so abs. It's not just that your pita is exactly what I want my pita to be like. It's not just oh-i'm-gonna-run-2-more-miles after the marathon and your pita is okay with the. It's all that and more that makes me question my disbelief that humans can get that close to being gods!
You are seriously blessed with many many things. I know you don't take any of them for granted. Thanks for setting the example to push myself to my own personal limits!
...inspired by your (lack of) suckage.

A Prelude To... said...

The treadmill lovers...HA! Good thing you clarified ;-)

Everyone made this sound like an amazingly good time!!

Lucy said...

Love the pics and the recap.

Mitchel Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing! I love your tales!!! I'm excited to do this race in'12.