Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Like My Style" - 50 Cent

So today . . .

is the first day of school.  Peanut is going into sixth grade.  CRAZY.

I got up extra early [ok, I meant to get up extra early].  But I did manage to crack this out before Peanut walked in:

[those 4's just make me so freaking happy!]
Then, I hurried and finished it up with the end result of this.

And some seriously [awesomely] tired legs.  Ya, step-up runs . . . [my legs are coming around to the thought of loving them]

Then it was photo time.

First day of school photo time.  Peanut hates this ritual.  Can't really blame her.

but. it. is. mandatory.

However, I went to grab my camera and she hit me with . . .

Peanut:  Mom, it's all about the shoes.  Just get the shoes.
Me: [thinking . . .what in the snot rag have I created?]
Me:  ya, ya but we need a full size "it's all about your happy face photo too"
Peanut:  well, my shirt is pretty cool.

Then the craziest thing happened . . .

Peanut:  you dropping me off or do you have time to walk me in?
Me:  [holy. freaking. crap.  Did I just get invited to walk her in?] you bet cha I have time.
Peanut:  just promise me you won't be like *Jane's* Mom who [as she leaves says], I love you Baby.  And gets all wiggy and lovey when she leaves.
Me:  deal.  no lovey.  just a big smooch.
Peanut: mom.
Me: ya ya got it no touching

Best. Morning.  Ever.

I said goodbye - she looked at me horrified.  Like oh man, how it she going to say "goodbye"?  hug? kiss?

I ran my hand over her back.
Ya, apparently, that was not what she wanted.
Told her I could do the running man all the way back to my car.
nope. denied.

So I just stood there looking at her.  [feeling super proud, by the way].

Flashed her a "rock on" sign with BOTH hands.
Her face lit up with a huge smile.

And I heard a little mumblish-whisper of an "Iloveyoumum"

As I drove away, I saw "that Mom".  You know the one.  Straightening her child's hair, making her sit on the front steps of the school - looking all Pollyanna.  The little girl's face was beet. [embarrassed].

It could be a lot worse my dear Peanut.

Happy Thursday!

?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?   ?  ?   ?   ?  ?   ?    
Do you still "get invited" to take you kiddo to school?
Did you let YOUR parents walk you in?  Until what grade?


Lucas R. Tucker said...

So Sweet!

Air Force Ones- the kid has GREAT taste!

Danielle C. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the kicks! Peanut has impeccable taste!

I'm impressed she let you walk her in on the 1st day of 6th. I don't think I let my mom do that past 4th. But then again, I can't really remember. :(

fancy nancy said...

Seriously you MUST be the coolest mom around!!!

This made me crack up and tear up all at once! I kept thinking of that day with my Em....oh I'm going to try to be cool but inside I'll be a mess!!

LB said...

you seriously have the coolest kid ever! i would NEVER allow my mom to walk me to school NEVER. i was such a brat! cool kid!

Unknown said...

Aww! So sweet!! Your little peanut is still proud of her mama and not embarrassed at all! Who could be embarrassed of having YOU as their mom? I would want you to walk me inside too! Shoot!

Love the shoes -- like mother like've created a shoe monster! :)

Rachelle Wardle said...

I can't believe school started already! What the, where did summer go?

Love the shoes!

MCM Mama said...

Love the shoes!

I keep waiting for Jones to not let me walk him in. So far I even get a hug. ;o)

kimert said...

Awww sweet!

I dropped my Peanut off last week for his first day of Kindergarten. :( I did kiss him and take pics. He's gonna let me do that when he is in 6th grade, right??? Right!?

Karine said...

Awesome girl, awesome Mom who is sensitive enough to know what is "right' for her daughter. I was able to sneak ily's and hugs in as long as they were sufficiently far away from the drop off spot.

Aimee said...

Awww...I loved this! That's so awesome that you got to walk her in!!

My oldest will have his first day of K on the 23rd! You bet I'll be taking pictures and giving him lots of squeezes and kisses!! :)

Heather-O said...

Coolest. Mom. EVER.

Kelly Leigh said...

oh lawd is it really that time of year already????

ugh. HAppy first day of school peanut!

Claire said...

My daughters first day of KINDERGARTEN rolls around and I tried to walk her in and she looks at me and says 'i've got this mama.'

5 years old and she's 'got' this...a year later...i am sure she still does ;)

bobbi said...

Awesome kid...

Awesome mom (rock on = the BEST!)...

And AWESOME shoes.

LOVE this post :)

(Only my little 2 let me walk them in - my 5th and 7th graders? Hell no)

Alanna said...

My mum walked me in every day from gr. 4 - gr.10. That said, she *was* the secretary... :p Thankfully she was never "that" mum. But I do have a wicked collection of first day of school photos. Crazy to think I get to take one of Spud in September when he starts playschool.

Amanda said...

Well since my kiddo is just going into kindy this year I would hope he would still want me there cause I would bawl my eyes out if he said different :) Nice shoes peanut ;)

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for capturing the 14.44. ;-)

We are not allowed to walk our kids in, unfortunately. Some moms ignore that rule, but I'm a huge rule follower. ;-)

Will Cooper said...

sounds like not much time left before she is grown up. enjoy the moments!

ajh said...

Loved this!

Char said...

I was allowed to walk them in through a lot of primary school but the 'no touch' rule started in Grade 1!!!
Is the shoe obsession a genetic thing? I wonder if years from now scientists will discover the Imelda Marcos gene.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Starting school in August? What is that noize all about?

XLMIC said...

I can't believe how early some people start school! Wow! Just so cool that she lets you walk in. My kids are still young enough that they don't know to be embarrassed by me :P But we're always so late that I need to fill out the tardy slips ... so I'm walking in whether they like it or not!

Suzy said...

I can't believe school is starting all over the place! My kiddos ride the bus so no walking them in. I didn't have a choice as my mom worked in the building until 5th grade. Enjoy 6th grade Peanut!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Oh that rocks! I bet many of the kiddos are envious of Peanut's rad mama!

If I ever have kiddos, I want the same bond that you and Peanut have!!

CONGRATS on 2000 in 2011...and you have basically 4 months still!

The Green Girl said...

You're one lucky Emz. Your Peanut rocks.

Doreen McGettigan said...

What a good kid and an awesome Mom. Now that I am a grandmother I am so sad to see school start. Mine do not start until after labor day which is okay until they do not get out until the end of June.

Carrie said...

I LOVE the dialogue between you (and your thoughts) and Peanut! I can totally imagine the entire scene. This is an incredible post. Way to go!

A Prelude To... said...

Too awesome!!
The wee girl still loves me to hang with her at school...the young man...not so much. We went through this whole thing last year where he calls me Mama at home, but refers to me as Mom at school. I'm still not used to my new name.

Jen said...

Awesome post.

I asked my mom to walk me in until Grade 7. Then Grade 8 was fine because my sister was in the same school and wanted to be walked in. =P

Unknown said...

Awe, that's awesome! :)

And those shoes... the girl's got style! Wonder where she gets that from??? :)

Teamarcia said...

Those shoes are the coolest of cool. The apple does not fall far from the tree!