Wednesday, September 30, 2009

path not taken

Not really sure why. But this theme, idea, random thought has been in my mind for over a week now. I have a few guess as to why but I'm sure it's hormones. They seem to be responsible for most everything I do/think lately.

I think often about the movie, "Sliding Doors" [full disclosure - - R Rated / sorry - yes, still one of my top 3 favorite movies of all time]. It is an exalted look at how quickly a person's life can change in a matter of moments. By choosing one path instead of another, forming a fascinating "what if" thought to ponder over & over.

Is it human nature, that when I find myself in undesirable circumstances to immediately think back to how I could have altered my day [or maybe 30 seconds of my day] to bring me to a "better" outcome?

I know deep down, this is a necessary event that needs to happen. For example, if don’t learn from my past mistakes how can I completely avoid repeating the same ones in the future?! However, the thing I need to accept is that sometimes no matter how well I organize my life, there are always going to be external forces/people that hand us little & not so little surprises.

Yes, this is thick & not normal from me in a post [sorry]. Yesterday was a technically yuck day for me, no good reason for it [for the majority of the day-as my zit on my cheek, probably, doesn't REALLY count]. Then it happened, I ran into a person who almost made me dry-heave instantly. My immediate thought, "I never go to this store", "why did I go here today", "If I would have only left my house 5 minutes later".

But [thankfully], this morning my heart has been restored to a normal rate & I am able to see that while I may choose my "schedule" each day. I know this was a part of my plan that MY Heavenly Father made for ME. . . . {"you poke it - you own it" - as we say in my home} . . . and I'm taking it.

Just like the plan HE made last Friday to NOT have me realize the light had turned green only to look up and see a jeep run through a VERY red light. Or how I begrudgingly changed my evenings' plans one night in July 1998, to go on a blind date with some tall guy from New Zealand.

Sliding doors.

Roads traveled.

Not one "by chance".


amyraye said...

it is a totally fascinating concept; one i also think about often. the trick is to keep moving on and to not let yourself get stuck, wondering "what if?" so hard to do.

Karine said...

No need to repent Em. Sliding Doors is PG 13 and also one of my favorites.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

I think about this concept all of the time. So glad our paths crossed. Who would I have for a trophy friend? I hate to think of the options.