Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tomorrow - tomorrow - I love ya tomorrow

For those of you who may not know - I greatly dislike [actually hate] flying.
And we leave tomorrow for a super fun 12 hour one. .

This really stinks when your mom-in-law lives in London, your sis-in-law, niece & grandparents live in New Zealand, your bro-in-law lives in Australia, your parents go on a mission to Hong Kong [had to go there!!] and your mom-in law insists that every time you visit the UK we "must go somewhere else nearby since flights are so cheap from here" [at least they are cheap from SOMEWHERE] - so we scamper off to places like Italy & France. I realize this is a blessing [to be able to visit these places]. I still DREAD flying.

It's not even so much the smelly, stale, recycled air or the man across the way who snores like a freight train or even the "blankets" they hand out that seem to cover me as much as a wash cloth.

It's the water. It's all about the water. The flight to New Zealand takes place over about 96% water. Not sure why but I feel insanely more comfortable flying over mountain ranges.

What keeps me flying? Well other than the Pita who holds my hand 50% of the flight [the other 50% I try to be knocked out on something/anything - the drug of choice this trip ----- ambien - thanks Dr. Rada]. Oh and that I know I'll get to see this when we arrive:

rangitoto - beautiful.

So if any of you have an extra 60 seconds around 5pm tomorrow - a smallish prayer to the Big Guy upstairs - for a safe arrival - would be appreciated. ;)

And good news - it looks like my family & I will be in great hands with the crew members. Ummm help!


Angie said...

I love NZ-totally worth the flight. Plus, Ambien is magic.

Emz said...

I'm hoping you are right Angie (ambien). ;)
oh & Angie it's ok to wear fabulous heels on 12 hour flights-right?! ;)

amyraye said...

i had no idea you were afraid to fly, but it's still awesome that you get to go. i'll be thinking of you come 5 o'clock tomorrow. good luck.

Angie said...

I am the author of shoeshine and you can find my current blog at aka Sonshine. You may have noticed me stalking your blog as well. Love it.