Tuesday, February 16, 2010

consider yourself warned.

Hearts day was awesome around our place.
Our home looked like it had been covered in a seriously thick layer of pepto bismol.  Or if it's more soothing to your tummy - - think Mary-Kay cadillac pink.  pink.  pink.  fabulous. 

There were red crepes.  looked a little lot creepy but fun.  pink milk.  pink water.  pink cream. a pink pre-church bath.  pink ice cream.  [side note] grateful strawberries are already red/pink as by 10am - we were fresh-out of red food dye.  I'm sure we all  have cancer from it by now.

Then the text came in . . . . we had been invited to our favorite neighbor's place for dinner.  Heck ya, I had a fabulous menu planned --- but there's always tonight for the even more fabulously aged prime-rib.  [one should never turn down Mr. L's homemade bolognese].  and even more important, never turn down a chance to get hugged and smooched to death by 4 year old twin girls.  awesome.

when I thought it couldn't get any better . . . a delivery from my VT [dessert of love].  insane.  yum.

but then . . . leave it to the Pita . . . the man knows the way to my heart.  I found this on my bed:

not sharing the inner [card] details - I'm sure you're plenty "good" with the photo you get to salivate over.  hubba-hubba.  been to paris twice.  how did I miss this daisy duke wearin' American?

at least I'm 99% confident I may look better in mine.

The best hearts day - - - buns down.


Kera said...

that is the most beautiful image i've ever seen.

amyraye said...

minus the beard, that's about what i would look like in that outfit. pretty hot.

Kelly Leigh said...

haha looks like you had a fun valentines day! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Angie said...

best. card. ever.

Karine said...

That pic is enough for me to take Paris off my bucket list. Hope the message inside the card was worth having to look at the cutie on the front!! Happy Valentine's Day.

Lindsay said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. That card is hysterical!!