Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm going to pass

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen this super sweet little sleeping number.

I saw the add [daily] on CNBC each morning before Valentine's Day.  I believe the culprit is/was the "pajama gram" company.  Just in case you were among the unfortunate who did not get to view this furry, 100% thick cotton - porn.  I'll be happy to help you out.  However, you must click here to see the whole thing.

It promises to give you three things you so desperately love all in one huge fluffy cotton-candy looking jumpsuit.
1.  hoodie
2.  blanket
3.  slippers

I super dislike the "snuggie" - SUPER dislike.  And with a name like "hoodie, footie, snuggle suit" and a price tag of $99.95 . . . it had better come with a grandma's chicken noodle soup helmet, the built in scent of my mom's homemade bread as well as audio clips with daily affirmations, "I'm good enough, I'm strong enough & gosh darn it people like me".  Trust me I'll need it if I'm wearing this.


The Eliason's said...

to bad your passing this one up...cuz pink is so your color AND...the way the hoodie caresses her hair, TO DIE FOR!!!, your missing out!

Karine said...

I will stick to eating my marshmallows....not being wrapped in them!! Definitely not made for Arizona

Lucy said...

never seen this, but it is ridiculous. my daughter would love it! i did have to break down and buy her a snuggie for christmas against everything i vowed i vowed i would never do.

amyraye said...

please tell me you are joking; that this is not a real product.


Emz said...

Amy - I so wish I could. But just like the snuggie ..... I'm sure these super creative people will make millions.

Brooke - I'm so sorry. At least you can say tell HF-- your daughter made you do it.

Ang - buy me one --- I double dog dare you.

Mom - love the marshmellow comment.

Unknown said...

ew. ew,ew,ew!

Angie said...

sorry! hubby's id!