Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So all day yesterday, I was craving pizza. I woke up not only wanting pizza BUT craving pizza. But it wasn't that easy. I wanted a frozen pizza. And "no" although I wish I was pregnant, I am not. So when the clock struck 10am [lunch time when you wake up at 5am] I went to Basha's in search of the frozen pizza of my dreams. CPK pizza - No! Red Barron - not a chance. Freschetta - Yuck. Tony's - - wait the one I ate at the Pierson's?! - - Oh yea!

Yes, I actually came home with this:

The pizza my summers were made of. [And yes, after 10 minutes of trying to "counterclockwise" rotate this photo, I gave up.] The ones with the fake cheese and the who knows what in the crust. I'd take a photo of the ingredients list but I really don't want to know what is in this.

So I baked it - took it into my office - took a bite - disgusting. How did I eat these four + times a week?!?!

However, this is what I really wanted all day:

Oh yes, it is . . . Fiestada Pizza. The reason why I spent my mornings begging Mom for lunch money.

This little octagon shaped piece of . . . . heaven.

Why do they not sell these in the grocery stores?!


jymmebe said...

I totally remember eating these at Horizon Elementary!!! They cost fifty cents, and were the hot ticket item in the "snack bar"! Good memories!

Karine said...

What??? I gave you money for those? Your taste buds have definitely evolved!

amyraye said...

the pizza i remember had pepperoni nuggets and way too much sauce and it was delicious dipped in ranch dressing and finished off with and cherry icee juicee. man, we had it good back then!

Emz said...

Horizon! Where all the great memories were made. ;)

Man Amy - You are good. You are SO right - it was with pepperoni - this was the closest "google photo" I could find. ;) I wonder what the "magical" food choice is/will be [the memory] for our kids?!