Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Next - world peace

Friday was Peanut's first day of Student Council. She came home elated Thursday after being selected her "class representative" for the 09-10' year of Mercury Mine Student Council.

Never mind that she woke up at 6:30 for the highly anticipated 8am meeting. By 7:10am she was in her "Nothing but trouble" ;) shirt, hair brushed, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed and scouring the house looking for an "appropriate" notebook to keep notes on.

{The 2 minutes car ride went like this}:

Peanut: Mom, I can't wait to make some changes is this world.
Mom: Well I think starting at your school is a great start.
P: I think everyone should be forced to wash their hands after using the toilet
M: Hmmm well yes, that certainly is the goal and what everyone NEEDS to do.
P: Mom, there is only soap in the girl's bathroom like twice a week. But don't worry when there isn't any soap, I make sure I get them really wet and then dry them on my pants, well that's just when the paper towels are out.

While I am totally down with Ellie's desire to "making positive changes in the world", I think the first place to start is mandatory hand washing at school . . . . . . . . Followed closely by - - - world peace.

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