Wednesday, September 23, 2009

laughing at pain?!

So last night, after the Pita had retired to his chamber at the bewitching hour of 8:30pm. I decided to watch a little TV. So while waiting for Peanut to get home from the D-backs game with the "Perfect Partridge's" [Go CARDINAL'S! - sorry, inside joke], I somehow came upon our DVR recordings [our version of Tivo].

This TV watching moment is rare for two reasons:

1. I don't really follow any shows [no, sorry Mom, not even Dancing with the C-list celebrities]

2. I don't remember the last time I had full reign of the remote?! Did I even remember how to use it? While I am blonde, you must know there are seriously 4 remotes we actively use for one TV. . . "Universal remote"? - huh what, not in this house.

On the DVR I found this:

I have something that I have to admit: I love WIPEOUT.

This oddly reminded me of my childhood friend Brooke. Not because she ever bounced onto/off of a 5' wide red rubber ball but because she always seemed to be "wiping out" each day we got together. However, no matter what the circumstance, she'd laugh at herself when she'd fall [or get hurt]. Ok - I don't mean like, "ha, ha I fell off a swing" but more like, "I am bleeding and my arm may be broken - this is hilarious". This girl was/IS one of a kind.

Now, you either love to see people look stupid injuring themselves [for the sake of money] or you don't. Me - I figure these people are here to make me laugh. And they do. In fact, I had literal tears streaming down my face upon Peanuts return. After she had determined I was "ok" physically {not so much mentally but...that's asking a lot} she was off for a soppy wet dip in the shower, rinse of the teeth, a totally meaningful 10 second prayer and . . . off to bed.

  • Doors locked - check
  • Phone on silent - check
  • Chuy in from outside - check [that's a post all by itself]
  • dishwasher started - check
  • Lights out in the hallway - check
  • Puddle Peanut left on my bedroom floor [after showering] she didn't manage to wipe up - - - - ummmmmmmmm
  • ice pack on my bum - check

Sorry Brooke, I didn't laugh.


Angie said...

So glad you liked the shoe blog, it was soooo fun to do. However, since I am not doing it anymore I feel free to talk about shoes on my regular blog any old time I feel like it.:)Also I am planning on adding a shoe of the week to the sidebar.

Karine said...

Love the "make me laugh" video. Who needs special effect? Those were the days. (Program note: DWTS tonight ABC)!