Thursday, September 24, 2009

fall? where?

While walking to school yesterday - - [yes, we walked it is only 99 here now, oh joy] Peanut struck up this conversation . . .
Peanut: Mom Sister P. said the first day of fall was yesterday [9/22]
Mom: [JIC she reads this, I am treading carefully ;) ] Well Peanut, you know where Sister P comes from right?
Peanut: [Looks [or possible glares] at me confused - silent]
Mom: She comes from the "motherland"
Peanut: [the look has turned into an eye roll - still silent]
Mom: She is from Utah where the green grass grows ( . . .all around, all around, and the green grass grows all around), people can food [like in jars], you can buy food storage at Costco, get a temple recommend at Ream's [grocery store] & believe it or not . . . where the leaves change colors?!

[This excited her. The last part.]

Mom: So this is why Sister P. gets excited for "fall". I guess, it reminds her of "home" because we [sadly], don't get to see that happen much, here in Phoenix.

Peanut: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mom [looking VERY proud, pointing to the sidewalk]
Yes we do!!

Pointed to this:

Oh how I love "fall" . . . in Phoenix.


Karine said...

AH, Autumn in Arizona. I'll bring you some pictures of real Fall next week.

amyraye said...

that first picture was gorgeous; where's it from? you simply can't beat Fall in Washington state. it nearly makes me cry it's so beautiful.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Your daughter is so fantastic! It only took me two days to read this, but I heart this! But my favorite part of this blog is where you say"the green grass grows (all around, all around and the green grass grows all around)" because that's what I thought of when I read that sentence. Yes I am excited for FALL! Even Ellie's kind of fall.