Friday, September 11, 2009

All tears lead to Grandma Great

Just how "all drains lead to the ocean" {Thanks, Nemo} . . . in our home, "all tears lead to Grandma Great". When Peanut is brought to tears {by her mean Mom/homework/chores/bedtime} - you can be assured an "I miss Grandma Great" will surely follow.

Grandma Great is 2nd from the left {back row} in the "rose" colored dress.
And MY smokin' hot Mom is 2nd from the right {back row}. ;)
Peanut is one of the few Great Grandchildren who actually got to see her quite regularly. The memory of singing "skip to my lou my darlin' " on the way to feed the nearby animals - is one I/we hold dear.

She was the Grandma Grandchildren dreamed of having. How many grandma's would let you take their couch cushions outside to land back flips off a mini-trampoline?! Let you "play" the organ at all hours?! Make scones for you at 6am or 6pm?! {What are real "scones"? Look here “home” , Thanks Brooke}. Let you play sardines at all hours with your cousins? . . . MY GRANDMA.

When she passed away, we ALL {I will need your help here Mom - not sure of the current Allen Brood numbers but I know it must be up there with the Duggar's/Osmond's} got a little treasure from her home.

However, I know I somehow scored the best treasure.


Grandma's apron. The one she had on 10 of her 16 waking hours each day during our summer vacation in Utah. When we'd arrive from Arizona, she'd have it on. When we returned from seeing other family - ON. When we'd go to bed - ON. When we'd wake up in the morning - yep - ON.

The saying on it, "Grandma's Helping Hands" - always makes me smile, cry or laugh until I cry as I am quite sure VERY few of us were EVER helpful. It is one of my two most treasured items. So why I cannot bring myself to wear it?
Well, I finally did, last night. Nope, not to cook. Peanut was having a hard time sleeping. After threats of "lights off/and closed doors" - from the PITA who had had enough {don't let me fool you I'm sure I may have done the same 20 or 5 minutes later}. I emerged into her room in this gown of an apron. She knew I had never worn it.
Five minutes later . . . All dreams led to Grandma Great.


amyraye said...

love it. oddly enough, my nolan was in tears more than once yesterday because he missed grandpa ray- who died when he was 7 months old. maybe something was going on in the heavens yesterday?

Karine said...

Tender and sweet. I never did "smoke", but I think I can live with "smokin' Mom". Those were the days. Love how B is holding Sharz. Keep up the bloggin!

Emz said...

Mom - - - the comment was "smokin' HOT" ;)
Look at the clothes! It's what's selling at Nordstrom right now!!

I think you are right Amy. I'd like to think our lost loved ones continue to communicate to us {and what better way than through children}. So tender.