Monday, September 28, 2009

Spudnuts Vs. Dunkin [ WHAT?!?!? ] 2009

Partial email from Aunt A sent to the entire Eliason Clan:

.... "As we sat down to dinner tonight, "B" asked if we were all getting together for Halloween. I didn't know the answer. I vaguely remember a conversation last year that "this was it"." ....

Thanks to my ridiculous iPhone, I replied to "all" in 42 seconds flat:

"This is NOT up for discussion. We are doing this. I don't care that it falls on a Saturday and you [m&d] get home from all things "holy" in Mesa late-ish. We can do it at my place. I will make the dough. GAME ON! EVEN if this isn't a competition!"

Then 32 minutes later, Mom finally heard her iPhone binging [j/k] and replied this:

We are up for Halloween and spudnuts, but will need a little extra help this year as Halloween falls on Saturday and we don't get home until around 5 or 5:30. We could just start a little later and maybe have soup rather than enchiladas???? Whatever, we will be in charge of the spudnuts I will try making the dough ahead and refrigerating it....should work. If not, we will go to dunkin donuts!!!!

Oh NOOOOOO SHE DIDN'T just say the "DOUBLE D" word.
And she goes to the temple with that mouth?!?!

Spudnuts Vs. Dunkin Donuts


Al and Bob Pelton [ummm, yes, the inventors of the holy "spudnuts"] just rolled over in their graves [well, I think they are dead - if not, so sorry to the Pelton Family].



The Eliason's said...

Ok...I know that "Spudnuts" are TO DIE FOR in your family...but really... you gotta give dunkin donuts some credit, there not ALL that bad, at least you can eat them an hour after they have been made and even the next day ;). Love ya Em!! ;) and my money is still on your soup!!

amyraye said...

emily- you know you can delete that last comment- right? :)

spudnuts sound so great right now. good for you for encouraging [forcing] your family to live up to their righteous traditions!

Emz said...

Amy-I know you are not hinting that MY soup will not "win". ;) The comment ----- it stays in BOLD type! I'm the youngest - they always listen to me ---- HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Ang-you may have a point on the "day old" donuts part but if you are truly a LOVER of the "Eliason Spudnuts" - you will have eaten so many Saturday night that the thought of a "leftover" donut, come November 1st - will make you grateful you have 364 days until you ACTUALLY get to eat another. ;)

Lucy said...

i totally forgot about the eliason spudnut. brought a smile to my face to bring back those memories. we always had to make it over on halloween night for a taste. good luck with the soup. can we steal the recipe?

Emz said...

Brooke!! I'm trying to mentally erase the part where you "forgot" --- come on! These are legendary!! ;)

I'll swap you a recipe for a "talk" for church. Ok-fine, will send the recipe anyway - just because I really like you.