Thursday, September 17, 2009

my { wait } M Y brother . .

. . . is a:

father to four
husband to one
grandson to four
son to two
bell ringer for one {he only rings for you, Mom}
brother to four
uncle to fifteen
friend to MANY
younger brother to three
older brother to O N E !

{am i the luckiest in my family or what?!}

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Ok, so i may not have always loved this having an "older brother" thing but deep down, i was always grateful to have him around. Looking out for me even when I didn't want to be looked out for. I will never forget the trip we took to the Grand Canyon. He was concerned with the distance between my feet and the 423,756 foot drop off to the bottom {Kim do not correct my stats - they are correct}. I remember messing with him at the time [kept inching my feet closer & coser & closer] until he grabbed me by the shoulders, walked me over to my Dad and said, "don't move!".

From good times at Horzion Elementary {6:30am track running anyone?! The 4 foot trophy was SO worth smelling earthy all day long}, hitting balls at the park with Dad after work, riding ATV's in the Westover's backyard, wicked games of jump or dive {ouch}, sardine's with Kijuana & Kamilah & {my fav} having you as my assistant coach with Mrs. P at Apollo . . . I loved having you there.

I love you, MY brother.


Emily said...

Is it Mike's birthday? Happy birthday! I've long been a fan of that brother of yours, too.

amyraye said...

oh- emily gc's found you now, too. you're in trouble now, emily. :)
i have always remember mike's birthday as the day after brooke's. i remember this morning before i even saw this post. brandi stoneman's is tomorrow.
great post on mike. he is such a great guy. i can't seem to keep in touch with him- no facebook, no blog, no christmas card (does he even get mine? i think we still send him ours).
i, too, was a member of mr. knack's track club in the wee hours of the arizona mornings. sliding on the dew of the grass. the best. did we smell back then? i think not. and i don't think i ever won a tropy, but for sure i got a cool t-shirt out of it. :)

happy birthday mike!!

Karine said...

Such a great son, brother, father, uncle, husband. It's a joy to be part of his life. Thanks, Em for the great post.

jymmebe said...

So sweet . . . . even though I am an older sister to him and you get him as a BIG brother!