Tuesday, September 29, 2009

yuck - bummer - huh / what?!

A few things I found out this morning at 5:05am:
  • It's Roberto's Birthday! Ok-I've known it was coming for a week now - but Happy Birthday Roberto! What are you --- 57?! [Do you like how I am pretending he'll read this!;)] I know......"while your at it, why don't you give me a paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?" -yep "PB" - Roberto's favorite movie
  • It really is too early [no matter what the Pita says] be be watching CNBC - for craps sake - the market won't even be "open" for 85 more minutes.
  • Coyotes like the rabbits in my front yard.
  • Rabbits don't like the coyotes.
  • I don't like either of them as now I have "the remains of the day" to pick up [I spared you the photo].
  • Our Wall Street Journal delivery - won't stop a hungry coyote.
  • A hungry coyote will stop me from getting the Wall Street Journal.


  • Seeing your to do list [at 5:09am] when it looks like this:

Will never start your morning off well.
I wrote it last night feeling "motivated" - saw it this morning - felt ...... {is there a good work for " Uggggggg"?}
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
As I was looking on the list I saw second from bottom "new glass case". Ahhh haaa - I can get one thing scratched off my list by 5:13am! I remembered I had new a sun glass case in in the passenger door. And since this only happened to one side of my car, not "my" side - I have forgotten a few times it looks like this:

And yep - guess what is wedged just perfectly in the door - sun glass case. I love car accidents involving fellow student's parents.

Not a thing scratched off my list yet but I do hear my washer running so I took the liberty of putting a line through "laundry" [ok-through "l-a-u-n"].

Feeling more motivated already.

but then . . .

I sat down to write this, browsed through my inbox and remembered "happy" had sent me this:

What Tiff's "test" was on for today.
Which makes my "to-do" list and my car look like a total Monet.

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