Thursday, September 10, 2009


As I went to list something {eBay} this morning, I found this.
"This" is one of my VERY MOST favorite pictures I have.
  • It has two of my most adored people in it
  • I love the busy city life {Hong Kong} all around them
  • I love that I captured this moment - still get tears in my eyes when I see it
  • Wish I had a photo and {more importantly a close} relationship like this with one of my grandpas {a bit more challenging to do when you live far away}.
  • Reminds me of what an amazing Papa my Peanut has
  • He is always leading & guiding - by example
  • He is always building her up
  • He is always there for her
  • He adores her and she knows it
  • She adores him - I hope he knows it

Love you Papa /Dad


Karine said...

Can't resist commenting on this picture. Since I took the picture, my thoughts mirror those of the author! Special are the relationships between papa/grandpa and his grandkids. Thanks for sharing this great memory with others.

Emz said...

Yea! You signed up!
The photo is CENTERED MOM! :)

Love you.

amyraye said...

i also can't resist commenting on this post/picture. great job. you'll never realize how truly lucky you are to have precious pictures/memories/spoken words such as these. i so wish i had more pictures of my dad with my kids.
congrats on getting over your blog fears and just doing it. it's looking great! i hope you don't mind that you've been discovered! keep writing; don't get paranoid about your "audience". remember it's all for you [and your family]. :)