Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is it already THAT time of year again??!

Man - how time flies!!?

Seems like just a few months ago I was sneaking off to get this bathingsuit[less] porn from my dear mail-woman.  However, today I drove up as she entered my driveway. 

Me: Hi Mrs. A how are you?
Mrs A:  oh I am good, thank you.  You guys get a lot of magazines.
Me: Yes, I know - work, work, work [thinking celeb mag/celeb mag/celeb mag - got to KNOW what they are wearing!! yes, really for WORK!]
Mrs A: sooooooo what's this one for? [proudly holds up "SI swim issue"]
Me: [not even going to write what I said but we laughed so hard we were tearing up]
Mrs A:  oh tell the big guy I think you look like the girl on pg 74.
Me: Oh Mrs A, we only give $$ gifts to our mail person at Christmas time [referring to the butt kissing comment]
Mrs A: [not even going to write what SHE said]
Me: okay come by tomorrow for cupcakes [trust me, she will].

Marched right inside.  took a photo [I do it for my 13 followers ;) ].  marched it right back outside - into the blue bin it went.

Does this make me a bad wife?  If I had the time [and could be bothered] I'd put my face on each of them for the Pita for Valentine's Day.

but heck ya, of course I looked at page 74 before I recycled.


amyraye said...

now all your neighbors (who read your blog) are going to be pilfering through your recycle bins.

The Eliason's said...

and page 74...I'm wondering was she right?

Karine said...

Wow, what an issue. You on page 74 and me on the cover!

Emz said...

Amy-that would imply that even ONE of my neighbors read my blog - not a chance.

Ang - um well...she was blond, she had a fake tan, she looked taller than shorter --- but did I mention I think Mrs. A wears 1" thick glasses?

Mom - you clever little tart. That make me audibly laugh so all could hear [as you know I DO NOT [say] LO.....L.]

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Hilarious! Poor Pita could of had a great VDAY gift - ha! Now I must go grab a copy so I can see pg. 74...