Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It . . HURTS . . to stay at the YMCA

Ellie started Volleyball last night at the YMCA {thanks TROY!}.
She was beyond excited. Which I must admit, makes me very {VERY} happy. We arrived at 5:58pm for the 6pm practice. By 6:01pm the coach was looking at me like . . "Hey, crazy ex-volleyball player Mom, you can leave now" - but she really said, "I'll see you back here at 7pm". Huh?! What?! You want me to leave?! I had considered standing on my tip toes and looking through the 9" X 6" window for 59 minutes, but the Pita said, "umm you may want to step away from the mini-window lady, it looks odd". My reply, "As if, I'm sure all the other moms . . . . {long pause - looked around} . ." had soooooo already left like 2.5 minutes ago.
Fine. Whatever.

So the pita convinced me to "look around the facility". Yada, Yada -all pretty normal for a gym.

Until I saw this . . . . .

Which completely intrigued me. There was only ONE. What was it? An elliptical machine? Bike? Nordictrack?


Having just come directly from our gym, I was dressed to try this baby out. So, I did. It was like the most messed up mix of a treadbike-tical-track machine EVER. Now, someone tell me . . how I can run 13 miles with minimal soreness and this morning my legs are SCREAMING, "You crazy woman! What have you done to us?!". I was on "it" {still waiting to hear back from Troy as to what "it" actually is} - for 40 minutes and it feels like I've run two marathons - - back to back. I am quite sure this is just a little piece of HELL on EARTH.

I'm off to soak in 2 cups of melaleuca oil. Thanks Grandma Allen.


*Troy just text me - this is his text*

"Hey Aunt Em, it is a Precor machine we got in a month ago. People love it!"

My reply: Ummm, me too. I love internal bleeding.


Karine said...

Ummmmm-- 40 minutes!!! What were you thinking?? Moderation--a word you need to learn.

amyraye said...

you guys still use melaleuca oil? and, your mom is right: what were you thinking?!! crazy girl.

jymmebe said...

Hey . . . Jeff and I use those machines at Mountainside Fitness! They are awesome, and better than a regular eliptical! We only do the recommended 28 minutes . . . ya, that's enough!!!