Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another brick in "The Wall"

- - - I can thank Pink Floyd for making me say this most mornings.
This has been my "view" for the last 3+ months. Don't be jealous. It actually hadn't bothered me at all until yesterday when I [gasp] ran outside. I was amazed at how much I have missed the polluted air and "she's crazy" looks. Whatever, it was cloudy. In Arizona. Awesome.
Maybe this is why I haven't "hit the wall" in any of my marathons [so far - knock on wood]. When I run so flippin' close to one - I guess I've become oddly attracted to it's closeness. More like a friend. A quiet friend. A [boring] nice friend.
T minus 19 [brick] days and counting. A huge "thank you" to all of you who have supported my cause - in word & donation. So VERY appreciated.
*See Ang* Peanut knew what she was talking about - you are one of my cornerstone "bricks". ;)


Kevin and Kim Partridge said...
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The Eliason's said...

Being a "brick" isn't so bad...it's growing on me:)