Tuesday, December 8, 2009

things I've been thankful for in the last 72 hours . . .

. . . a Nana & Papa who adore my Peanut. I want to be a kid again. Note Nana's Barefoot Dreams robe - - the ultimate in luxury.

I have the best doctor - ever. Should something happen to the Pita - this is my guy. Seriously - this guy cares more about me than I do! Who's doctor calls you at home just to check in on you? Schedules you an appointment with a dietitian [in his spare time], hand picks a knee specialist for you? Gives you his cell phone #?
m i n e.
[nope he's not taking new patients --- says me.]

I'm thankful for my 5" heels and my super tall hubby. okay, now seriously, they are not a step below us - we are just giants [and they are the cutest, tiniest UT couple ever - well besides Wade & Cass].

. . that my neighbor [with the dog the size of a rhino] - is teaching me patience and anger management.

. . . that Peanut knew no one "in their right mind" would want this tree with the tumor-like branches at the bottom - - - so it's just the one for us!

. . . that we didn't need to measure the tree. "Mom it measures 2 Peanuts!"

. . . friends who make me go to Phoenix Greyhound races for the "cultural experience". Miss you already, Cass.

. . . My friend. Such an example to me of not sweating the small or even big stuff [for that matter]. She amazes me today [and most every other day I speak/text/email her]. Nothing is better than a friend who adores you and whom you adore back [x2]. I'm lucky.

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