Monday, December 28, 2009

She's made this a Christmas to remember

[Have always loved that song "Christmas to remember" Kenny & Dolly.]

So - my uber crafty / super talented / insanely driven / loves a challenge ... mother of mine. Made us the sweetest aprons ever for Christmas [just us girls - sorry to my brother but I'm sure after the red velvet cake thing - - Ang will let you borrow/HAVE hers. - love you Ang ;) ]

Christmas Eve was just Nana/Papa, Happy/Dave and Fam, and my crew. The other 3 siblings apparently had better places to be, whatever.

Each apron came with a "Apron Poem" of sorts [explaining the "uses" of the apron]. It was sweet but left a lot to our blond imaginations. Leave it to Happy and I do destroy a heart melting moment. Happy had declared we should take turns reading paragraphs [which sent me to giggling tears - what, are we in 4th grade again?] So she read while I laughed. I started with paragraph two, as instructed, then paused [as if to catch my breath/keep from crying] wiped my eyes then wham -- the laughter flowed again. [cracked me up they thought I was getting teary]. So [I think] we made it through the poem.

Then it was photo time.

Wish I could explain the crudeness of these 3-4 minutes. It was hilarious. Papa was even laughing though [so we must have been "ok"].

Happy's came with popcorn ball inserts [odd].

Thanks Mom for the sweet aprons, my even sweeter [much] older sister & making me the best apron of all.
I am the favorite after all.
Evie, don't comment. ;)
**If you are looking to BUY a sweet apron - check out hers. Love them.**


amyraye said...


Angie said...

Soooo delightful- and I know my aprons...makes me miss my family.

The Eliason's said...

sorry I missed the "show" and if I recall correctly...I wasn't invited!! :)

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Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Man, I would love a sweet apron like that, but I would need the popcorn ball inserts too. Yeah, I said it on your blog.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

P.S. To your friend that doesn't like the word verification (it is a pain), but I like to think of it as a little lottery, where I don't know what word I'm going to get and hoping that it's something silly like "pempuras" (that was the last word).