Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eliason Family *adults* Party

No need to be afraid - well maybe a little.

* * * * * *

Super fun night. It all started with fabulous take-a-way Mexican food [thanks mom & dad] - the cutsie little Eliason girls [+ dad] "saved 1/2 for tomorrow" - ha, whatever you wimps [Happy & Evie this is mostly just you].

Then, for Dave's favorite time of the night - g a m e time! We started off with a charades-like game that had ten of the most talked about [huff] NEWS stories of 2009. However, My Bro & I sat there just waiting to yell, "Jon & Kate +8's divorce" & Octo-mom and . . . Nada. Apparently, mom doesn't value the content in "tabloid mags". REAL NEWS? Why would I watch real news?

Anyway, Dave took a "pass" as in [I've been an in-law in this family the longest/I've endured many a game night - I "pass"]. They must really adore him because they let him!! SO it was moi. What do I pick out? Something about a plane landing in the Hudson River. All I could think of is birds - I remember there were birds. So I did my best plane run around the family room then did some weird bird-ish/duck flap thing - then guess who guessed it? My Mom! [But wait, did I mention she wrote the little events on the paper pieces?] But my performance was solid - solid, I tell you.

Jeff's was boring and really good - so we didn't take his picture.

But Happy . . we took a bunch. Mostly because she looked like she belonged on a winter photo of a postcard from Hawaii. But somehow this photo came from, "credit card crisis" or something like that. Doesn't look like much of a "crisis".
Now, there WAS this fabulous event of Ang doing a super quick [thank goodness] crotch grab then falling to the floor putting her hands over her chest [as if to be in a coffin] - - - it was awesome. It was "Michael Jackson's Death". It was 2.3 seconds long. I was so taken back by the crotch grab that there was no photo and also no chance of getting her to do "it" again.
However, equally as fast [if not faster] was My Bro.'s which Jeff got in 1.9 seconds. But he posed for an additional picture. Yep, it was of Tiger Woods being with 8,9,10, 11 [does anyone know the real number here?] women.

I wish I remembered the others. I have a sweet photo of Ann holding her hands up in "O" formation for Obama but I can't get the photo off my phone. Evie's was a classic football story, "Cardinal's in the Super Bowl" - which she did beautifully.
We then each filled out three slips of paper of things we want to do in 2010. This was fabulous. Actually learned a few things about some of my family members. Great times.
More to come.


amyraye said...

sounds like a way fun game. great to see pics of your sibs. my mom is always the one who makes a fool of herself during games- it just wouldn't be fun without her, though. :)

Karine said...

There is one sure way for me not to make a fool of myself at family games......don't play...just make up the games and set the rules. As you can tell I will do anything to see that the girls' team wins. It really was a fun evening. Thanks to all of you for finishing up our holiday season with a bang. I still say that Angela wins...both in time and creativity!

The Eliason's said...

I will have to agree with mom, I win :)
though....I have to say, do to my "creativity" I am now exempt from next year (with Dave)!!

*word verification now*

jymmebe said...

No way Ang, if one of us plays, we ALL play!!! It was fun! Thanks again, mom and dad!