Friday, December 4, 2009

MY happiness today - brought to you by

.... My Peanut and her gynormous jar of Jellie Bellies [thanks Costco]!

Found this after she had left for school. * Yes, I did notice all the watermelon, cherry, grape, buttered popcorn, {etc - all the good ones} had been eaten - still happy.

It's a Happy Mom Day.


amyraye said...

are you saying you LIKE buttered popcorn jelly bellies? YUCK.
cute peanut you have.

Emz said...

Oh - amy - amy - amy ----- they are the best! [Well other than watermelon.] Have a wonderful trip!!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Ok, I'm with Amy on this one. When I worked in the burn unit, the doctors I worked for bought us a giant size box of Jelly Bellies and would replenish as it ran out. We would stick a bowl of them in the center of the nurses station and INEVITABLY the buttered popcorn and peanut butter beans would be left, waiting for some poor sap to come by and partake so that we could get another bowlful.