Thursday, December 17, 2009

My [not so little] little list of "peeves"

Believe it or not [I'm actually having super a great day].

You can thank the oh so inconsiderate shopper at Nordy's for this rant. Feel free to add your best ones.

  • shoppers who walk up to a rounder of clothes, get to their size then shove all the clothes over to you - so you now have 1/8" to view the clothes. Merry Christmas to you too sweetheart!

  • loose hair on some one's/any one's back.

  • eating off wooden utensils.

  • that cars don't have "u-turn" lights/indicators.

  • walking around barefoot then having crumbs on my feet --- yuck.

  • people who don't use soap in the bathroom.
  • That I can't read Ang's blog on my phone due to her ever changing [yet festive] DARK template.

  • people who talk on their phones in the bathroom.

  • people who talk on their phones at the table.

  • food remnants left in the sink.

  • men who wear way too much cologne.

  • the smell of baby powder.

  • anything "bubblegum" flavored.

  • people who say, "via" - I will ship via USPS....ugggg.

  • the need to combine things into one word [Brangelina, brocoflower, TomKat]

  • seeing people cut their nails at red lights.

  • seeing people cut their nails on the freeway.

  • safeway employees.

  • Home Depot

  • the way my cream cheese all squirts out the butt of my bagel upon first bite.

  • smelly "earthy" after a 5 minute walk to my neighbor's house [good ole' AZ dirt air].

  • skinny jeans on boys/men

  • men in little shorts [nope I don't care if you are a "runner" - I do not want to see your buttocks.

  • When people text something mean - then chase it with a ;) or :) like that'll lessen the "blow".


  • the phrase "think outside the box".
  • adults who wear "Tigger" clothing.

  • knuckles. Detest seeing grown men give each other "knuckles".

  • people who use the phrase 110% - seriously?!? when did a 100% become NOT good enough?


The Eliason's said...

Well Em, I'm sorry to disagree with you today. I, on the other hand have had a great morning. Minus my 3 hour presidency meeting, but hey, what's new there. We started the day with Ian crying because, YES, he had to wear PANTS, I know, mean MOM. Then Creighton joined in because, you guessed it, I made him, get this, BRUSH HIS TEETH, I know, going for mother of year. Owen wanted in on the joy so I decided to only let him eat one FROSTED COOKIE for breakfast and I think the time stopped for a moment and so did his heart,but then the screaming started again and I knew all was good in the world. Baker informed me that he needed his $2 in 20 minutes so off to the store we had to go, it was an EMERGENCY...they were serving pizza. You know my children have never encountered pizza before.

But alas there was a silver lining in my rainy day. Police lined the streets. Red and Blue lights aglow. Cars pulled over every which way. Cops writing tickets to cars of all shapes and sizes. It was music to my ears and a sight to be seen. Nothing makes my morning like seeing High School Parents getting tickets first thing in the morning!!!

Karine said...

As I was reading this post last night I was picking hairs off my black sweater and filing my nails; had lunch with wooden utensils (chop sticks); walked on popcorn kernals on the kitchen floor without slippers. Other than loving the smell of baby powder, I think I agree with everything on your list. I am not too "outwardly" peeved about many things, but we all have our favorites!!!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Two of these I super agree with: Skinny jeans on men/ boys. Are they trying to look skinnier? Not a good look-not a fan. ANd the 110% thing bugs me so bad. You can't have 110% of, like, a pie, so if you tell me you are going to give it 110% of your best effort, it negates that you are going to give it your all. Tell me you're going to give it 25% and I'll be way more satisfied and respect you for your honesty than saying something stupid like 110%. Seriously.