Friday, December 11, 2009

what I learned in 100 minutes

Being a "helper" in the 4th grade

  • that I am "tall".
  • that my cell phone has a "cool ring". - Sorry Mrs. Wenger
  • that I had the "sweetest nails" - OPI "Greenwich Village" - I'll agree with this one! Who else's mom turns up in green nail polish?
  • that I "look ummmm maybe 21". When do they learn age? Let me know so I don't be a "helper" from that year on.
  • that I should not wear perfume.
  • that I do not like seeing my Peanut look/giggle at boys. Remember Peanut, they are still gross and have cuddies.
  • that I "look nothing like Peanut".
  • that I "laugh like Peanut".
  • that I "don't dress like a MOM". [jeans & a tee kid?! - what does your mom wear?!]
  • that I spelled a word wrong. [hey brainiac - it won't be the last one either].
  • that 2 boys are planning to drop off C-mas presents for my daughter. Uggg.
  • that I'm better at "helping during tests". wooops.
  • that most kids will be getting a good grade on their math test today. You're welcome!!
  • that Mrs. Wenger has the patience of JOB.
  • that I am soooooo thankful I am not a school teacher.


The Eliason's said...

what I learned in the 10 seconds it took me to read this...
1. that you should be around 4th graders more often.
2. that you must ALWAYS leave your phone in the car while helping out in school...I even know that.
3. Ellie has probably giggled at boys longer than you have known.
4. there is more in you in Ellie than you know (and it's GOOD)
5. tell the boys that drop off presents that you need YOURS first.
6.It's always a good idea to "Suggest" what way to go while helping in the makes you a cool parents and your child is never a target.
7. Anyone that CHOOSES to be around stinky kids after playing outside for 30 minutes and can continue to STAY in the same room as them has my blessing and my prayers!!!
8. I too, am grateful to no be a teacher...can't seem to get my own boys to comb there hair to GO TO SCHOOL much less anything else. Glad there out there.

Now I will do my WORD VERIFICATION and POST :) AGAIN!!!!!!! :)

amyraye said...

volunteering at school is always enlightening. :) take advantage of it while your peanut will still "let" you volunteer at her school. :)

Karine said...

One of the best things about volunteering in my children's classrooms is that they would choose the clothes I should wear and lay them out on the bed so I wouldn't wear the green stretch polyester by mistake!

PS: "Run, Forrest, run"

Emz said...

I love you guys!!

Ang - phone in car?! I'm going to need further directions. That sounds impossible. My phone is my security blanket. The word verification thing - that's actually super funny.

Amy - really? When does this happen? Glad I signed up to come every week [until then]. BTW-I need to see you soon.

Karine - heheee - MY Mom. Ummmm, I do remember picking out your clothes. Was that bad? I guess not because you said "best things" but - - - thanks for being a trooper & NOT wearing the green TERRY CLOTH pants. However, juicy couture called and they want to thank YOU for the pant design that made them multi-millionaries. ;)