Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Truth be told Snow White

I am grumpy. Not even because Happy has "happy" covered. And not even because I want to be the "fairest in the land". Frankly today - could care less. I could be Barbie or the leather skinned chain smoker in front of Walgreen's - not going to change the fact I'm grumpy. I won't be bashful, I'd even take feeling dopey over this funk.

Why you ask? [If you didn't - you've just made me grumpier - just stop reading now and go find your friend's happy blog post today.]

  • I'm tired
  • I sleep like crap
  • Pita snores - send fix it remedies
  • Peanut is sick & is "sneezy" / snotty
  • Can't get a hold of my "doc"
  • My friend is here & I haven't seen her since Sunday
  • Pita has vacation days he can't even take [too busy]
  • because my family doesn't even read this [other than Mom] - thanks Harward's, Wright's & Partridge's for pulling through
  • My family doesn't "comment". I like comments people - take 5 seconds and do this -- " :) " -- that's it!!
  • My knee is screaming - that actually makes me more mad than grumpy.
  • My head hurts
  • My dog won't stop barking - maybe that's why my head hurts?
  • That because I have one child that means [to some] - that I'm less busy.... right.
  • Because I work from home - I can drop anything I am doing and help you [every time].
  • I can't find anyone to give a talk on Sunday in Primary
  • Can't find someone to cover my huge secretarial duties this Sunday.
  • That my job is my hobby not my business. Do I really have to work outside of the home or give people statistics to take me seriously?
  • Four people contacted me in 2 days from church to have me list their things - no sorry - I'm mean. I'll help you with 1-3 items not your whole garage.
  • I have no idea what to buy my parents & the Pita for C-mas.
  • All my fruit & veggies smell like pickles [I'm too proud to throw them out].
  • That I emailed my friend for her birthday [meaning to call later & didn't].
  • That I have not yet reached my fundraising goal for my marathon. Nice time to raise funds [bad economy & C-mas] could I have picked a worse time?!
  • That a "friend" offered to donate money if I found her husband's Christmas presents. Seriously???

I'll stop now. You can thank me later for making your day better.


Karine said...

Dear Cinderella!
Sounds like you need a "fairy god-MOTHER" to work a little "bibbity-bobbity-boo" in your life right now! How about sweeping all those grumpy thoughts into the fireplace and let us help you look for a "silver lining"! We can offer lots of "fairy tale endings" for you. Just give a call!

Emily said...

Em, I'm commenting to tell you I fully intend to donate. I'll get to it soon, i promise. When do you need it by?

amyraye said...

sounds like you need to hit dunkin donuts.

i remember how frustrated i was/am that my family doesn't take the time to comment on my blog. and several of them don't even bother to read. really lame. it's such an easy way to reach out to our family, but so many don't take advantage of it.

i also intend to donate, but i hate walking all the way out to my mailbox. i'm lazy like that. i'll get it on my to-do list.

are you feeling better? nolan would happily give a talk in your primary if we lived closer.

Lucy said...

oh, emily. i feel a little bit like we've bonded and that perhaps i inspired you to feel this way from my post yesterday. what is the deal with the grumpies going around? clever post. hope you are feeling better. i'm still not.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

I am SOOOO glad I made the nice list and not the naughty list. Bad time of year to be on the naughty list. I like your mom's attitude with how to deal with being Grumpy. BTW, I thought that you had your business so that I could get all of the perks. NOW you tell me your serious about it. Hmph. P.S. I know that Chloe just gave the talk, but if you can't find anyone, Olivia would L-O-V-E to give the talk on Sunday. No joke. P.P.S. TO all those who don't comment on Emily's fab blog, she ALWAYS has a comment for mine. Sometimes it's a jab at me and my silliness, but I can count on her. ;)

Emz said...

5 Comments?! What the heck? Thanks mom for taking care of the "family" comment. huff.

Mom: so witty - loved that.
Emily: you're awesome - so happy to be able to peek into your life and see your beautiful family.
Amy: as always - so right. Guess who went to DD'd @ 4:45 yesterday?! Tell my family though and we'll have issues. ;) And - man - how I could use a willing "Nolan" in my ward.
Brooke: GET BETTER!! I just adore you and your sister. Miss YOU!
Kim: Kim, Kim - you make it so hard to NOT adore you. Don't tell anyone but . . . I do. And Yea OLIVIA - you're awesome!!

jymmebe said...

Hey now, just for an fyi, I read your blog everyday, and even look for it on weekends when you don't post!

Just so you know, I do 99% of my computer stuff on my blackberry, which I can read a post by, but for some reason, (my ignorance) I cannot seem to be able to post a comment. Please know, your posts are being read, but unless I sit down at our Mac, when the rest of the family isn't fighting over it (which is never), I don't get to use it. Lately, the only thing that I've had time for on the home computer is print things for R.S.
So, chin up little sister . . . . Sorry I am not much help with your primary calling, but are you interested in helping me with my stake R.S. calling?!? You've got the time, right?!? (Kidding, of course) :-)

You need to take a day off, catch a nice, long nap and don't answer your phone for the day, and quit worrying about the pickle smell in your fridge! :-)

Now, I'm off to my little, (just enough money for a pedicure) job. Nice to know that I grabbed a few minutes of time here on our "real" computer! Have a happy day!

By the way, sign us up for a $25 donation!

Love you!

Angie said...

I totally get it! I have mono. In december. At age 32. Are you freaking kidding me?! It' s not like I should be keeping my Etsy shop stocked or anything. I completely Identify with like 80% of your list and you have ALL my deepest sympthy. Sign me up for a $25 donation as well. Just tell me where to send it.

Grapefruit said...

I've kind of had the grumpies ever since Thanksgiving. Not sure what's up. Just feel like eating a lot of chips and hiding in bed. I'm completely sleep deprived, I have a daughter who hates me and my neck is sprained (the last two I diagnosed myself).

Here's hoping we both improve before Christmas?!