Tuesday, December 1, 2009



What possessed me yesterday to buy 1 gallon dill pickles? [yes, on my 5th visit to Costco in 3 days - yes, I have a problem - yes, I'm fine with it.] Was it: the $3.49 price tag? The look of "my Mom rocks" I knew Peanut would give me when she saw them? The fact this same dollar amount would only buy me 24oz at my local Basha's? The look/comment from the Costco clerk [muffins & pickles, huh? You pregnant? Me: yes, I'm 7 days along. I slice up the pickles in place of butter on my muffins. Him: really? Me: No [you dork]. I am lacking in sodium? NO!

Apparently, I bought them so my fridge could [now] look like this.


Isn't she pretty? Only had to clean up 84oz of pickle juice to get this fine clean fridge at 5:45am. So completely [not] worth it.

Anyone have a recipe that calls for pickled apples?


Karine said...

Oh, no! Pickled lemons, carrots, grapes, bread pudding???? I hope it stopped in the vegetable drawer.

amyraye said...

it reminds me of our next-door neighbors when we lived on Alice. I can't think of their names, but we could always count on them having pickles. in no time, peanut will be sick of pickles. i think you're $3.49 was absolutely worth it.

KamilahNYC said...

Wait, I'm confused, are you really pregnant!?!